Sedo Introduces New Offer Page

Domain investor Nadia Pessoa noticed a sleek new offer page that appears to have recently been introduced by Sedo. The landing page is clean, shares some information about the domain name, and it makes it very easy and clear that the domain name is for sale and that an offer should be made to buy it.

I am not going to link to this domain name due to parked page TOS, but have a look at Sensor.CO to see the page. When you visit, click on the top non-monetized link that says “The domain may be for sale by its owner!.” Once you click on that, your browser should open a new window with the offer screen on the page. I looked at a few domain names that are listed for sale on Sedo, and it appears to me that this new offer page is likely only found on domain names that are parked with Sedo. I did not reach out to the company to ask because of the weekend.

I like the “Premium Domain” badge in the top left corner, and I like the security button in the right corner. I also like the color scheme, and I like that the focus is on getting the person to place a bid.

One thing I think might be beneficial is to add the number of offers the domain name has received in the past. For me anyway, seeing that a domain name has received offers in the past is reassuring that the domain name has aftermarket value and is desired by others.

What are your thoughts about this new offer page? Have you seen this offer page before, or is it as new as I think it is?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. One thing to note is that it does seem like it might be IP-based. Someone on a forum replied that he was still seeing the old version, so it’s possible it might not be rolled out to everyone yet. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Hello Elliot,

    I think it is ok. However, my thought is that the initial landing page does not highlight the fact that the domain name is for sale. I realize there are ads and a click is probably the main goal. However, I strongly believe that Sedo should offer an option that clearly and boldly states that the domain name is for sale. Yes, there are other options, yet I have not seen one that is bold and focused on a domain sale message.

  3. I’m not seeing it anymore, on the link provided by Sameh, or any others. It could be something they were testing, or perhaps we stumbled across something they aren’t fully ready to release yet.

    • Thanks for posting about this new development, Elliot.

      And as you suspected, the new make offer page is a new design we’re testing right now for users coming from our parking pages. We do tests such as these to continuously improve upon our existing products and make our pages perform better.

  4. It’s nice but still like redirecting to my own site so I retain Name, IP, Email, Phone etc… which helps in negotiations. If I was going to use someone else’s sales pages I’d probably use Frank’s at as the movement of them really grabs attention. Only reason I could see using Sedo’s is if you have multiple end users on the line and need the auction advantage of that as giving away all the info on the buyer puts ya in blind negotations.

  5. Good post Elliot, I like when people in the domain industry speak about things that really matter and not about all the bullshits that are on posts collected by 90% of times, only to distract your attention from what really matters; so thank you sincerely.

    I just noticed yesterday the new landing page for submitting offers.

    It’s really good speaking about what matters, they have added data that matter: monthly searches and CPC, but both until now appear not working in the most of cases. Maybe even the global number of results should be added. Anyway I’ll return using Sedo, maybe, only when they stop to devalue domains adding stupid data like “Number of visitors during previously 31 days…” Come on Sedo, stop playing against your customers, still to now type-in has not borned, maybe it is really started only during the last year (this is my personal idea, based on my observations), so cancel that stupid data, Sedo (and of course that is valid even for Afternic, Golem and all the other platforms working against domain investors). Premium domains (I like the “Premium Domain” badge in the top left corner too, and also the color scheme: clear, fresh and with the trustworthiness given by green and blue) are bought for the credibility, respect, image they bring, at least until a real type-in practice will be in place, so drop those data working against your customers, Sedo (or do you consider domainers not your customers..?!?…)

    Thank you again Elliot for writing a post that could become the most commented post on your blog and one of the most commented in the industry… (but I think this will not happen since domainers are tired after 10 years of battles against all those fraudolent practices used by parking platforms…..)

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