New GoDaddy Ad Campaign: “Make the World You Want”


GoDaddy did not have a Super Bowl commercial this year (probably a good thing because of the audience size), but the company is set to embark on a new advertising campaign, “Make the World You Want.” This campaign starts airing on television tomorrow. Here’s the first television commercial, which GoDaddy shared earlier this morning:

The campaign will feature six people who are well-known in their field and have made a positive impact on the world and in their business. The individuals who will be starring in the ad campaign are:

  • Ayesha Curry
  • Elohim
  • Lyn Slater
  • Tyson Toussant
  • Dan Peterson
  • Paloma Teppa

AdAge wrote about GoDaddy’s new advertising campaign earlier today. Here’s an excerpt with their take on the strategy behind it:

“The campaign continues the brand’s steady push over the last few years to target its marketing more tactically to a diverse base of consumers with different needs, highlighting the various tools GoDaddy offers while promoting a message of empowerment.”

GoDaddy aims to show that the company “is empowering and celebrating makers to change their world if it doesn’t quite fit them.” All of these individuals are GoDaddy customers, and the idea is to show that GoDaddy’s tools allow its customers to excel online.

Keep an eye out for the television commercials beginning tomorrow.


  1. “Make the world you want” Maybe they GoDaddy should look around and see that their renewal fees are OVER 100% HIGHER than Name Bright – GD is $18 and NB $8 Who can possibly have a large portfolio with GD at those prices ?

    • Our best pricing is with the Domain Discount Club which gives you a .com renewal at $8.29 and hefty discounts on all tlds. There are also bulk discounts available for free. We have always had lower pricing in bulk. We have multiple options for large portfolio holders.

  2. That commercial dddrrraagggggggeeeeeddddd on an on. Way to slow. Speed it up some witn some peppier music and it would ve much better.

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