Poll: Will You be at NamesCon Europe?

NamesCon Europe is coming up in June, and it will be held in the city of Cascais, Portugal (a short drive from Lisbon). The conference will be held from June 20-22, 2019. NamesCon shared more information about the conference in a tweet yesterday:

I am planning to attend the conference, and I believe quite a few domain investors will be making the trip to Portugal. I have not yet booked my flight or hotel, but I will likely do it in a month or two. I am curious about how many readers plan to attend NamesCon Europe in June. Will you be there?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Event organisers really need to learn to put the Agenda together _before_ starting to sell tickets, so people can work out if/why/who will go. The CF/WHD people are not new to this game and should know this by now.

    I’m not attending due to the conflict with Ascot.

    Until/unless they start to provide any real details (all the sponsorship slots still seem available and its only a few months away) would not even considering sending anyone else – there are cheaper ways to send staff on a jolly to Portugal 🙂

  2. I’m confused why anyone would go… just had Namescon here in Vegas. In 6 months nothing will have changed in this space. Chances are most of the speakers/sponsors rather sponsored speakers will be the same.

    You either have to make the conference an event in itself or create a reason to meet face to face. In the past people were paying top dollar to attend face to face because that was the safest way to sell their trademark portfolios. Minus that out since ppc is mostly dead and swap in chips in crackers for space shuttles and house of blues and your left with the tropicana 2.0.

      • Meh, everyone in the industry was at Namescon. Maybe 10-15 people missed it. You have 100~ domain investors and then the rest are staff that come and go as they change jobs. TRAFFIC was the best imo now you just have people pitching you .printerink and .papertowels left and right.

  3. Many of the European, Middle Eastern and east of that will want to attend NamesCon Europe as they did not make the trip to Vegas. In addition its right before the mid year meeting for ICANN so many will be coming prior to Marrakesh. We / ROTD is likely to do another Live and Online auction at the event targeted to a world wide seller, investor and end user buyer market so pretty excited about that as well.

  4. Still waiting for a good domain conference to come to Canada!
    Somewhere central would be nice like Toronto or Montreal.
    Niagara Falls would be a good too.
    Great tourist attraction.
    Right on USA border as well.

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