NamesCon Extended Auction Through February 13

The live domain auction held last Monday during NamesCon had several large sales. The total sales volume during the live auction was approximately $2.3 million. The NamesCon auction continues for two weeks (ending February 13) in the form of its extended auction hosted on NameJet.

There are hundreds of domain names for sale as part of the auction that were not included in the live auction. In addition, domain names that did not hit reserve in the live auction are now for sale in this extended auction. I reached out to Monte Cahn, founder of Right of the Dot (organizer of this auction), and I asked him to share his favorite domain names available for sale:

I really like the following in the extended auction, not in order of choice: – – – – –] To bid on this lot, please bid on – a bid on WEDDINGPARTY.COM applies to the ENTIRE bundle! (already have a buyer after auction that has agreed to buy it for much higher on a payment plan if it does not sell in the extended – ok to mention that) (very close to selling) (I sold for $9.5mm) (fantastic rare singe letter .de name) – – – – – – – – – – –] To bid on this lot, please bid on – a bid on BEAUTIFULWOMEN.COM applies to the ENTIRE bundle!

It always seems like a few very good domain names end up selling in the extended auction. I am pretty sure Monte is still working on finding buyers and closing deals. If there’s a name that you like but the reserve is above the price to pay, you might want to reach out to Monte or NameJet to see if they can get the seller to reduce the reserve price to induce a deal. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I don’t think it can hurt to ask.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hopefully the extended domain auction produces more sales and domains sold than the live auction.
    So many great domains are available to buy! Some domains available are once in a lifetime opportunity!

    • You are right Mark, there are so many great names in the extended auction. We sold 91 names in the live auction and 2 right before the auction started so it would be great if another 93 names sell in this event.

  2. Brokering for $9.5M is nothing to brag about. That sold way too cheap. Porn>>>Sex and sold for $12M which was arguably another bargain.

    • Well Tony – it was and is something to state, not brag about to justify why is valuable. at the time both and were the very biggest domain sales ever and still are top 3. being involved in both those sales as well as more than $400mm in domain sales in my time in the industry is important when we are making the market in online and live auction events that help the entire industry.

      • Come on Monte Cahn, what are you smoking with that “still top 3” stuff. — $49.7 million — $35.6 million — $35 million — $30.18 million — $18 million — $17 million — $16 million — £9.99 million

        What would really help the entire industry is more mainstream recognition, and top domain names finally being recognized in venues like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, not an insider’s den of domainers. it is already decades overdue.

        Moreover, this insider’s den has hurt the entire industry by both tolerating and obviously even embracing the perverse reality that anyone in the real world market has to be exposed to the market-poising Estibot “appraisal” figure with each listing. It doesn’t get any more perverse and bizarre than that really. You guys are behaving like the Emperor and his new clothes as far as that goes, even much worse.

        Otherwise I know you are a famous name, so consider yourself as being afforded all the gratitude and what not that is due you for whatever good you did in the past, but now a lot of you famous names are engaging in some bizarre efforts at self-destruction and lowballer and debasement enabling. The persistent “insider’s den” phenomenon is bad enough, but the Estibot thing is so intolerable that it’s time to be blunt even to a guy like you.

  3. Tony those top sales were not domain only transactions. I’m sure you realize that. I was involved with several of those as well they were companies with memberships customer bases databases and other intellectual property. I’m talking about strictly domain name only sales. So your information even though listed on sites as if there domain sales is incorrect. In any case thank you for the recognition. we’ve done our best to try to mainstream the process and have it recognized worldwide over the last 25 years.

    • Sorry For John not Tony. And John if If you don’t like the way in the direction the industries going feel free to take the ball and run with it instead of complaining and criticizing. a lot of us have done all the work and laid the foundation work in the very beginning to put Domain names on the map and have it recognized as a real and legitimate industry That supports our employees and our families. I’ve been doing it for 25 years. If You have some ideas and some Innovacion and some guts, go for it I’m sure everybody will be in favor of trying something new. And good luck

      • Complaining and criticizing have their place. Even since early DNF days I’ve only ever seen maybe one or two people calling for real real-world recognition at the most recognized mainstream levels of the auction world besides me. That’s innovative thinking. Then Aron Meystedt finally did something with HA, but I was not exactly thrilled with how he went about it and how he thinks about domain names.

        The general public still does not know much or recognize the aftermarket as a legitimate industry. Early on, some were quite unhappy and even hostile about my innovative thinking on that, obviously because it meant less money and control of the auction scene for them.

        People should be rising up to publicly condemn this “Estibot” reality, however. Some of the “luminaries” have already made it clear how they feel the same way I do about such things. It is practically criminal that they have not gone far enough to sound the alarm this time around with this auction. But I certainly understand when there is a “chilling effect” in the room since I post anonymously and they are known. If they’ve already gone on record with their view however, then why not just go all the way as needed? Anyone who claims they do not see the harm it causes is either lying, clueless, or deluding themselves. RS mentioned such things just the other day, Andrew apparently unwittingly even posted a glaring example of it just recently at DNW too. I’m sure many others have had to deal with it even far more than me in the real world end user market.

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