My Ideal (.com) Domain Name


People regularly ask me what type of domain name I buy. My portfolio is fairly diverse at this point, but I am always on the hunt for positive and meaningful one word .com domain names. The ideal type of .com domain name I want to buy is pretty simple to describe though. I want to own domain names that could simply use an image and people would immediately know what the domain name is.

One of my favorite local restaurateurs is hosting its annual “Mushroom Dinner,” and they sent out an email to announce this year’s date. Beyond some special mushrooms, I am not really a mushroom guy, but the email sparked some interest in domain names. I did a quick visit of and to see how those domain names were being used. When I visited, I saw a great example of what I mean when describing my ideal domain name.

In the top left corner where most websites feature their logo, there is a graphic of a mushroom. In the center of the header, there’s a graphic “Mushroom” logo. They don’t need a huge “” logo to tell people they have visited The mushroom graphic is simple but effective.

My ideal domain name might not be, but I think it is illustrative of my ideal type of domain name. I can use a simple image or graphic of the word and people will know exactly what the domain name is. Those types of names are expensive, but I think many are of the highest value.


  1. Easy to replicate can cause confusion unless internationally cognitive (culturally). Personally future FB – WeChat generations (multilingual) e.g. 247, crypto, tokens, cyber east & west superstrate will merge offering early opportunities to create a brand presence as Baidu evolves the Google model no matter how smart the Chinese domainers are superstrate digital generations will be the arbiters …

  2. I wouldn’t look at that logo and think Mushroom. Looks like an umbrella or baby pacifier and the the red graphic is totally out of place.

  3. I’d never have guessed “mushroom” based on that logo – looks like a cross between a question-mark and a lightbulb !

    How would you rate the singular vs plural (assuming they dont own both) ?

    • I think brand. I think psychedelics. In my opinion the singular is worth 10 times more than the plural.

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