How I Am Preparing for the New Year

Less than a week remains in 2022. This is generally a quiet week in terms of domain name sales, so I tend to spend my working time on some end of year tasks. Here’s what I am working on this week…

Throughout the past year, I have won many domain names in auctions that ended up my accounts at different domain registrars. I have been unlocking these domain names and transferring them to my primary holding account. Having a primary account tends to make it easier to keep track of my domain names.

I generally do a good job recording my expenses as they are incurred. There are a few subscriptions and monthly billed expenses that haven’t been input into my accounting files. I will be spending some time looking at my credit card bills to ensure every expense is documented and recorded.

I already renewed many of my domain names prior to the 7% .com price increase, but I will have a look to see if any inventory needs to be renewed before year-end.

The end of the year is a good time to evaluate some of my technology to see if I need any updates. I think I am good on the phone and computer front, but I am thinking about buying a new printer. It’s been a long time since I bought one and I will have a look to see what options are available.

I am going to spend a few hours reviewing my domain name pricing on, Afternic, and Sedo. I want to make sure prices are as in-line with my expectations and current valuations.

In the event I have additional free time, I will check to see if any of my domain names with “for sale” landers should be parked instead. I will also see if I need to improve the parking targeting on some of my parked domain names. I doubt this will be needed, but it’s always good to have a look every once in a while.

What else should I be doing for the next few days before the year ends?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “buying a new printer.”
    I got a free printer from craigslist and it is still working fine, only print one color page per month just to keep the wheels well grease.
    If I want to print something big, I just go to the public library and can print for free- 20 pages.

  2. I took all my names off DAN and Afternic 100+ listings Zero inquiries. Not worth the 20% if you do happen to catch a random tire kicker there.
    And zero inquiries on strong aged domains across multiple categories refutes the suggestion that “You get lots of exposure there” … And that means what???
    I suggest domain investors build their own landing pages and catch direct typein buyers who are generally more interested and qualified anyways. And keep the money in your pocket. Isn’t that why you invest anyways?… to make money.

  3. I always run my domains through Tradmarkia to see if there are new marks over the past year that present selling opportunities.

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