Heritage Auctions Offering Private Domain Brokerage Services


Heritage Auctions recently entered the domain name auction business, and in that period of time, the company has reportedly “sold over $4,000,000 of domain names in the first year.” I received an email from HA today announcing that the company is now offering private domain name brokerage services. In light of this, I will add the company to my list of domain name brokers.

Here is what the company had to say about the new brokerage service offering:

“Our Domain Name and IP division launched just over a year ago. Heritage has successfully sold over $4,000,000 of domain names in the first year, and we feel as if we’re just getting started.

Our plans, going forward, are to hold live auctions, as usual. However, we are now offering private brokerage services for select domain names. Domain sellers receive the benefits of working with Heritage Auctions (our reputation, our marketing reach, our media contacts) but you won’t have to wait until we hold a live auction for us to market your assets.

Heritage Auctions is always seeking:
one and two word .com domains (runningshoes.com, cheapflights.com, jeans.com)
generic domain names (path.com, blue.com, amazon.com)
short acronyms (HA.com, AIE.com, KIO.com)
and we are always seeking domain names with traffic and/or revenue.”

In addition to this news, HA also let people know that the company actively buys domain names that are priced well. I presume the company is interested in buying domain names it can re-sell, but they may also be buying domain names for their own usage.

Aron Meystedt is the Director of the Domain Name and Intellectual Property Department, and I presume that he will be working with clients as the primary domain name broker. I am unsure if the company has other dedicated professionals working as domain name brokers.

The company did not share specific details about its brokerage services (commission, exclusivity, marketing…etc.) so you should be in touch with them to have your questions answered.


  1. Not a fan of their domain auction commission structure… % required from both buyer and seller… only place in DN industry that I’m aware of that does that.
    Requiring % from buyer really means if buyer has a budget then they bid less, so in the end the seller is footing the bill for the double commission.

  2. Yeah, and 30% or 40% fee… Right? Huh!

    And how about UDRP consultancy? Doesn’t have Aaron a personal experience with that as well?

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