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Much was made about the fiscal cliff last year, and luckily (I guess) the US never fell over. Mike Berkens wrote about how was a great hand registration, and the domain owner even received an offer close to $40,000 for it. Judging by the Whois, it looks like a deal was never consummated.

Fast forward several months, and the US is facing a sequester. The short story is that the sequester would cut quite a bit of governmental spending, and it would impact everything from education to food inspections. If you live in the US, you can’t avoid watching something on tv or online about the sequester.

Interestingly, is being offered for sale by BuyDomains  (not an affiliate link), and the domain name is far less expensive than the offer mentioned by Mike Berkens for The price seems like a fairly reasonable $8,500 for a topic that has been in the news a lot lately and may continue to be in the news for quite some time.

I am not an advocate of buying this type of “trend” domain name, but it seems like a fair price considering the sequester could go on for some time and the widespread reach of this action. With that price, I am surprised it hasn’t been bought yet.

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  1. For $8500 I’d be surprised if this domain lasts the weekend without being purchased… either by a politically invested party or a business with a creative marketing team that has uncovered a way to potentially make money off the event.

    • I’m surprised it’s still available at that price. I don’t really think it would be a good investment for a domain investor, but as you said, someone connected politically could use it, and $8,500 isn’t a big chunk of change.

  2. An investor should thin long term. The order of the day is that Democrats and Republicans no longer get along, or make reasonable concessions. Unfortunately, we are going to be seeing many sequesters going forward. This is just the first one. That is why, for the long term, we own:

  3. I think it’s priced right. Soon it will be hard to sell at that price again either for BuyDomains or for the person who buys it today.

    Better sold than not sold on this domain. It’s nt exactly a category killer. And now is the best chance to sell it. It’s all about whatever BuyDomains’ cost was on it and hopefully that is just reg fee and renewals.

  4. Sequester, Seqwester, Seqeustor, Saquestor. You better buy all the variations because people can’t spell for shit. The guy with the fiscal cliff name should have sold it because now that is a has been story and the name is probably worth 50 bucks. LOL $40,000 and he didn’t sell. What a fool!

  5. Did you guys hear that they are getting rid of Flyovers because of this whole Sequester. You know, the All American show of power when the planes fly over Football games, Nascar events etc……I know this is small in the grand scheme of things but to cut the budget on that I think is ridiculous when we send billions in foreign aid to countries that are sometimes not so deserving.

  6. This won’t be the first reduction in government spending. Big government has taken its toll on this country and something must be done. $8k could be a nice ROI!

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