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GoDaddy is a privately owned, Internet-based company that provides a variety of services including domain name registration, web hosting and e-business software sales. The company, which is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, was founded by Bob Parsons. Parsons previously owned a financial services software company, which he sold in the mid-1990s upon retirement. He came out of retirement in 1997 to form Jomax Technologies, the predecessor to GoDaddy.

Since it’s inception, GoDaddy has risen to become the largest domain registrar in the world, with tens of million of domains registered to its clients. The company ranks as the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar; it’s approximately four times larger than its nearest competition. Recent corporate acquisitions include Outright, Locu, Afternic, and Media Temple.

GoDaddy has redefined Internet hosting services, and it has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades. Among these awards are the 2001 Arizona BBB award for Business Ethics and the 2011 SC Magazine award for Best Security Team. In 2011, it ranked number four in the Phoenix Business Magazine list of “Best Places to Work in the Valley” and it made the 2012 Forbes list of “Best 100 Companies to Work For.”

Known for its sometimes controversial commercials and interesting spokespersons, GoDaddy also sponsors a number of charitable causes in support of domestic violence and child abuse awareness, and sports events, including NASCAR and the Super Bowl. In 2013, the company shifted its advertising strategy to focus more on small to medium sized business owners (SMB). Reflecting this change, its commercials and advertising materials shifted from “sexy” to smart.

GoDaddy To Discontinue Bulk Appraisal Tool


At the 2018 NamesCon Global conference, GoDaddy publicly debuted its free bulk domain name appraisal tool. The tool was based off of the GoDaddy domain appraisal tool that had been revamped. The bulk tool provided a bit more quantitative data, and it allowed clients to appraise up to 100,000 domain names.

The bulk appraisal tool has not been promoted much by GoDaddy, and I learned that the company is discontinuing this tool as of tomorrow, June 8. Here’s the message that appears on the bulk appraisal tool home page:

Created in 1988, Datapoint.com in Auction at GoDaddy

One of the oldest domain names in existence is in auction on GoDaddy Auctions. The auction will conclude in approximately one week. Datapoint.com was originally created in April of 1988. While the domain name is not listed on the Wikipedia page for the 100 oldest .com domain names, it has been registered for 33 years. The auction was highlighted today on Twitter by Jamie Zoch:

New Logo from Afternic (Updated)

Since GoDaddy acquired Afternic in 2013, I don’t think a whole lot has changed with respect to the design of the Afternic website. I presume this is because much of the focus has always been on the integration of domain name sales listings within the GoDaddy website and its DLS network partners, and there probably aren’t a ton of people who end up directly visiting Afternic’s website to buy domain names.

Here’s a look at how Afternic looked in 2013, courtesy of the Screenshots.com tool found via DomainTools:

GoDaddy CEO Discusses Aftermarket on Fox Business


It’s always exciting when the domain name aftermarket and domain investing gets a mention in a non-tech news publication. GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani made an appearance on Fox Business yesterday to discuss the company’s first quarter results. What caught my attention was that Mr. Bhutani spoke about the growth of the domain name secondary market at GoDaddy. Not only that, but he specifically mentioned domain investors.

Have a look at the interview:

UNR Auction Generates “more than $40 million USD”


In its earnings call this afternoon, GoDaddy discussed its acquisition of around 30 new gTLD extensions. The company cited the “efficiencies of scale” for why the acquisition made sense, and I mentioned that I am curious about whether GoDaddy acquired any of the extensions that were offered for sale by UNR in its auction at the end of April. As you may recall, UNR announced it would be auctioning 23 of its TLDs in separate no reserve auctions.

I reached out to Shayan Rostam, Chief Growth Officer at UNR, and I asked him if he can share a status update on the auction and perhaps share some of the results. Shayan replied with a press release (published below) that will hit the wires shortly.

GoDaddy to Mention Domain Investors in Today’s Earnings Call


After the market closed today, GoDaddy reported its Q1 2021 earnings. The quarterly earnings report can be accessed via the Investor Relations portal on GoDaddy’s website. Depending on what time you read this, GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani is either preparing to share some remarks on the investor call today at 5pm Eastern, or he already gave them.

Whether you listen live or not, you can have a look at the prepared remarks to see what was said. Most interestingly, domain investors were specifically mentioned:

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