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Warner Bros. Discovery Acquires

WarnerMedia and Discovery completed a massive merger, and the combined company is now known as Warner Bros. Discovery. The news was announced on the company’s @wbd Twitter account:

Smartly, the company acquired the WBD acronym-matching domain name for this newly merged media company. is now being used for the company’s website. Whois records show Discovery, Inc. is the new registrant of the domain name:

Tiny Upgrades to

A year and a half ago, Andrew Wilkinson, Co-Founder of a company called Tiny, shared some thoughts about how he felt when someone referred to his company as “Tiny Capital,” because the company’s slightly off-brand domain name was Launched to Help People Find SEO Jobs

Peter Askew is one of the most prominent domain name-first web developers I know. His company owns several Internet properties that operate on domain names that tell visitors exactly what they would expect to find on the website. He has successfully built niche brands like,, and (my personal favorite).

Late last year, Peter announced his acquisition of the domain name for $15,000. Peter found the domain name listed for sale on Afternic, and he tried to buy it for $9,750. The registrant held firm at the $15,000 price, and Peter decided to buy it.

Like Peter’s other projects, the business idea behind is clear – it has been (re)built into a website to help people find employment in the field of Search Engine Optimization. I say rebuilt because had previously operated as a job board for SEO jobs, but Peter’s acquisition only included the domain name. Acquired by Alliance Data Systems

In a DomainTools Domain Monitor alert email I received over the weekend, I noticed that was unlocked and pending transfer away from GoDaddy. The domain name transfer was completed, and the domain name transferred to MarkMonitor. The new registrant of is Alliance Data Systems Corporation:

Gravity Forms CEO Comments on Acquisition

The domain name has been acquired by Gravity Forms, a custom form building platform for WordPress-based websites. The domain name acquisition was announced on the company’s Twitter page yesterday morning:

I reached out to Carl Hancock, the Founder of Gravity Forms, to ask him about the domain name acquisition.

Abbott Forumla Lawsuit Domain Names Registered En Masse


This morning, I was looking through a list of newly registered domain names and I noticed a registration trend. A whole bunch of domain names appear to be registered related to Abbott and formula litigation. The domain names are registered to DNStination Inc., MarkMonitor’s privacy proxy service.

To give you and idea about the types of domain names that appear to have been registered, here is an assortment:

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