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Apple Marketing New iPhones on a .Apple Domain Name


Apple is now using its .Apple domain name extension in a meaningful way.

According to an article written by Benjamin Mayo in 9to5Mac, Apple is using Experience.Apple as a marketing tool for its new line of iPhones, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. From the article:

“Apple is using its own top-level domain in a major way for the first time. Visit on a mobile device to see the new microsite for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.”

A Google search for “site:.Apple” shows just two other .Apple domain names indexed: Newsroom.Apple and Nic.Apple. The newsroom url forwards to a page within, and it is primarily used as a link sharing url. The Nic url also forwards to a page within Apple’s .com website that discusses the .Apple TLD policies.

Surprisingly, the company

Top .com Branded Companies on the 2018 Inc. 5000 List


The 2018 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the US was recently published. I noticed two domain industry companies that made this year’s list. The .Club Registry reported revenue growth of 419 percent and 2017 revenue of $7.2 million. Namecheap reported 78% revenue growth and 2017 revenue of $109.1 million. Kudos to these two companies.

While looking through the list, I saw quite a few companies that use their .com domain name in the branding. I thought I would highlight some of my favorite .com branded companies from the 2018 Inc. 5000 list:


There were quite a few companies (57 in total) that use .com in their branding.

Beyond .com branding, there were and Even Financial Branding Confusion


Take a quick look at and then take a quick look at Both businesses have blue logos and both companies look like they are in the financial services sector. Making it even (pun intended) more confusing is that both logos simply say “Even.”

Both companies are well funded. According to Crunchbase, has raised $52 million in funding. Also according to Crunchbase, Even Financial has raised $27.9 million in funding.

Here are excerpts from Crunchbase about these two companies – see if you can tell which one is which:

“an NYC based fintech company focused on evolving how financial institutions connect with consumers and provide them the best product recommendations at the right moment, facilitating an on-demand and personalized customer acquisition experience across the entire financial services ecosystem.”

“a technology company building a new type of financial institution: one that automatically manages your money for you. “

The first one was from the Even Financial profile and the second one was from the profile.

When I did a Google search

Bob’s Discount Furniture Upgrades to


Bob’s Discount Furniture is a home furniture chain with stores throughout the United States. The company started in New England, and it has a pretty big presence in the northeast US. Smartly, Bob’s (as it is more commonly known around here), appears to have upgraded to, which is currently forwarding to I would not be surprised to see the company opt to move its website to in the future though.

For quite some time, had been owned by a band called The Bobs. A recent screenshot on shows a notice stating that the band is no longer touring or doing live shows. I made an offer to buy the domain name in October of 2017, and I was told they had recently declined a better offer at the recommendation of a domain broker. Out of respect for the former domain name and the privacy of our conversation, I will not reveal the offer they told me they declined.

I recently checked back in on the domain name and noticed it was forwarding Has 6 Figure Offers


The majority of participants in yesterday’s poll about the value of believe the domain name is worth more than half a million USD. This is not a surprise to me because of the utility of the domain name along with the companies that could use as an upgrade. In addition, Google owns, so it obviously would take a major offer to persuade the company to sell its domain name.

I had a conversation with someone on Twitter who pegged the value at $10,000 – $20,000. I responded that I would pay more than $50,000 for as an investment. In my view, animal domain names are quite popular right now, and I am sure I wouldn’t lose money in the $50,000+ range.

In response to throwing out my offer, two other domain investors also made offers via Twitter. Finlead, which owns and has owned some awesome domain names, offered $100,000 to buy George Kirikos, whose company also owns some fantastic domain names like,, and, offered $200,000 to buy

Clearly, these Twitter-made offers are

How was Created by Silk


I was doing some domain name research today when I came across the domain name and website. I want to share a story from a year ago that I seem to have missed about how the website came into being with the help of almond centric brand, Silk ( – nice).

When you visit, you can see a picture of Gary Almond. You can also have a look at to see how looked before the site was launched. Below the headline, you can click see a reference to two articles that discuss the domain name and how Silk helped Gary Almond launch his website. There’s a promoted article on Mashable as well as an article on AdWeek discussing Silk’s involvement with

Have a look at the embedded video below to get an idea of what happened:

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