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Abbott Forumla Lawsuit Domain Names Registered En Masse


This morning, I was looking through a list of newly registered domain names and I noticed a registration trend. A whole bunch of domain names appear to be registered related to Abbott and formula litigation. The domain names are registered to DNStination Inc., MarkMonitor’s privacy proxy service.

To give you and idea about the types of domain names that appear to have been registered, here is an assortment:

PuppyFind to Become


PuppyFind is a website that, as the brand name suggests, helps people find puppies. The company just sent an email to its mailing email list announcing an upcoming rebrand. Beginning on March 1, the company will become known as In addition to the shorter rebrand, the company will also update its website.

From what I can tell using the Whois History tool at DomainTools, it looks like the parent company of PuppyFind has owned for nearly ten years. It appears the company acquired around June of 2012. Prior to that, the domain name was registered under Whois privacy at, and it had Hitfarm name servers. This leads me to believe had been owned by a domain investor prior to the acquisition. Was a Smart Acquisition

There has been a lot of speculation about the new team name for the Washington NFL team formerly named the Redskins. For much more than a year, people guessed what the NFL team would be called, and this morning it was revealed that the team would be known as the Washington Commanders.

Interestingly, it was a domain name transfer that put Commanders on the radar of many people. When transferred to MarkMonitor, the domain protection registrar used by the NFL and many of its teams, people speculated that it was because of the impending name change for the Washington Football Team. In fact, this proved to be accurate as is now the website used by the Washington Commanders.

Did Domain Name Give Away Washington NFL Rebrand?

A fraternity brother of mine is a news television director for Fox 5 in Washington, DC. Yesterday, he reached out to chat with me on Twitter about a domain name that could be related to the rebranded Washington NFL football team. recently transferred to MarkMonitor and is now registered to its DNStination privacy service.

The Washington Football Team, formerly known as the Washington Redskins, is undergoing a rebrand. Speculation has mounted for many months about the new name of the NFL team. When transferred to the brand protection registrar used by the NFL for some of its domain names, people began speculating that the NFL team would soon be known as the Washington Commanders: Television Commercial


Earlier this year, was acquired by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. The deal terms were not publicly shared, but I am sure it is one of the top domain name sales of the year if not an all time top sale.

Last night, I was toggling back and forth between the football game and the movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I probably watch Ferris Bueller once every few years, and if I catch it on television, I’ll probably watch parts of it. As I was about to turn the channel during a commercial break, a television commercial caught my attention. Fairway is now advertising its brand on tv.

Much like it was neat to see advertising during an NHL playoff game shortly after the domain name was acquired, it was neat to see in a television commercial:

Will Alt Remain Alt After Funding?


TechCrunch just published an article about a $75 million fundraising round for a collectible card startup called Alt. The startup had previously raised $31 million in funding:

For its website, Alt uses the off-brand domain name. An alternative to a keyword brand .com domain name like this might be a brand-match alternative extension. Ordinarily, this would probably be no big deal, but the usage of the domain name could pose a unique challenge to the card trading platform.

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