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Reliance is “More than Metal” Following Upgrade


Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. has existed as a business for more than 80 years and is publicly traded under the RS ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange. The company has a market capitalization of more than $19 billion USD. The company just announced a small but important rebrand. It is now known as Reliance.

In an earnings call covered by, the company announced the rebrand along with a change to its website domain name. Reliance is now operating on its new brand matching domain name. The company had been operating its website under the acronym domain name.

Facebook Shows Brand Popularity

I have always used LinkedIn to get an idea of how widely a brand is used. Knowing this helps me justify a domain name acquisition cost by understanding how many potential buyers there might be for a particular domain name. I have been using Facebook lately to do the same thing, and it has some advantages.

In order to look at home many businesses there are with a specific brand name, I will look at Facebook “pages” results. I have found more businesses and companies use “pages” rather than standard pages. The results would be similar to LinkedIn companies. Domain Name Led to 10x Revenue

Jim Campbell, Founder of, published an article on that discussed how a domain name acquisition “resulted in a 7x increase in traffic and a 10x increase in revenue.” For someone like myself, this article reinforces how an exceptional category defining domain name can be transformed into an authoritative brand name in its industry.

According to the article, the domain name was acquired in July of 2023 “for mid-six figures.” Prior to the acquisition, the company had been using the less-than-ideal domain name. Some of the benefits of acquiring that were cited in the article include:

Why Public Upgraded to from is an exceptional domain name that had been owned by up for many years. At some point between 2018 and 2019, the domain name appears to have been sold for an undisclosed amount of money. The buyer, as it turns out, is a company called Public. That company got its start on the two word, off-brand domain name.

Why did Public decide to acquire its brand match domain name? One might guess it was for enhanced marketability and/or to convey trust with customers and clients. We needn’t guess the reasons any longer. In a response to Greg Isenberg’s tweet about the benefits of acquiring a premium .com domain name, Jannick Malling, Co-founder & Co-CEO of Public, shared his rationale for acquiring

Get[Brand].com or [Brand].ai/.io/.etc?


James Booth tweeted about acquiring on behalf of a company called Nomos that uses for it domain name. The acquisition cost was reportedly $55,000. James did not share how the domain name was acquired or any other details about the acquisition.

My question is whether a startup or established company is better of using a call to action + brand 2 word .com domain name like or an exact brand match domain name. In this case, the .AI domain name was acquired, but it could be whatever the popular extension of the time is – .IO, .LY, .ME, .XYZ…etc.

Zoom Moving from to (for Email)


During the early days of the pandemic in 2020, Zoom became a household brand name. People were able to communicate across the world via the Zoom platform. One notable thing about Zoom was the company used a ccTLD domain name – – for its website.

Smartly, in 2018, Zoom was able to acquire its brand match domain name. The acquisition price for was reportedly $2 million, as recorded by Namebio. Andrew Rosener sold to the platform. This turned out to be a prescient acquisition given the hockey stick-like growth seen by Zoom as quarantines spread across the world and working from home became the norm.

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