Video Trailer: Lana Del Rey Short Film, “Tropico”

This summer in Rolling Stone, it was announced that Lana Del Rey was set to star in a short film called “Tropico,” directed by Anthony Mandler and produced by Rick Rubin. The full length film is set to debut on December 5, although I am not sure where it will be released. I saw that someone shared the Tropico trailer on Facebook this morning, so I thought I would share it with you.

In case you aren’t aware, Lana (aka Lizzy Grant) is the daughter of domain investor Rob Grant.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. The daughter of a domainer

    From the time the story came out when she appeared on SNL, I never understood WHY this is news or why domainers have made such a fuss over this, I could see if she was a domainer herself, which would benefit the industry a great deal IMO, helping to erase the stigma, but as far as I know she’s not a domainer, and most likely would not want to associate herself with domaining.

    • You must be new to this business 🙂

      Rob has been around forever and has the best portfolio hands down. I’ve personally sold city/area domain names for a lot of money, so I know the value of them. I’ve also spent considerable time researching names and know Rob has a ton of exceptional names.

      I didn’t sell this one, but sold for over $200,000 in 2009 and Rob sold for $60,000 to give you a general idea of value based on public comps.

      Here are a few of the RE names he currently owns:

      More can be found here:

      He also has a bunch of excellent generic names, too.

  2. Personally I know a few celebrities myself, I know a musician who won a Grammy this year, I know Pro Basketball players who invited me into their home, Politicians and Journalists who I’ve met at least 5 or more times, It’s great to know people with notoriety, but to try to associate them with a business they have NO part of, NOT right.

    • That’s good for you I guess.

      I and others know Lizzy through this business and that is why I chose to blog about it.

      You can write about whatever you’d like to write about on your websites, and I’d like to think I have the same ability on mine.

      If I start writing about my famous relatives and friends that are not associated with domain names, your comment might have some merit, although I can still choose the topics I write about on my website. You are welcome to not read or comment on articles that aren’t of interest to you.

  3. Good for her and her dad but I never wish such a career on my daughter (should I have one lol)

    Very rarely do these stories end with, happily married, 2 kids and a white fence.

    Sadly most of these career’s thrive on getting attention and taking one’s moral’s and throwing them out the door for money….wait for it.

  4. @ Elliot, I asked a simple question and your getting defensive about it, suggesting I’m telling you what to post on your blog, which is nonsense, if you want to blog about Miley Cyrus or one of the Kardashians who are non domainers just like Lana Del Rey is, then knock yourself out… Just try not get bent out of shape when a domainer asks the question “Why”

  5. Just watched the disgusting, obscene, evil trailer …

    How very sad and truly disappointing that Lana would lay down in the gutter with so many other singers chasing fame and fortune …

    Lana … you’re better than this.

    Let your talent speak for itself.

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