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Rob Grant: “Dot Titanic”


Rob Grant is one of the "original" domain name investors, having built a great portfolio many years ago. He has also sold a number of high profile domain names, including ($140k), and ($80k) among others. These days, Rob is probably more well known outside of the domain name business for being the father of Lana del Rey, but that is another story!

Without much of a doubt, Rob is a fan of .com domain names. Today on LinkedIn, Rob posted a poem (I think) called Dot Titanic. As you might imagine, the poem is about new gTLD domain names, and Rob has a pretty dim view of them and their prospects:

"New Gtlds are going down as fast as the Titanic - and taking most of their shocked passengers with them.

The hidden iceberg (and what nobody saw below the surface) happened to be a fatal loophole governing unregulated price increases for all new Gtlds."

Rob has gone on the record to (more…) → Read More

Video Trailer: Lana Del Rey Short Film, “Tropico”


This summer in Rolling Stone, it was announced that Lana Del Rey was set to star in a short film called "Tropico," directed by Anthony Mandler and produced by Rick Rubin. The full length film is set to debut on December 5, although I am not sure where it will be released. I saw that someone shared the Tropico trailer on Facebook this morning, so I thought I would share it with you.

In case you aren't aware, Lana (aka Lizzy Grant) is the daughter of domain investor Rob Grant. → Read More

Lana Del Rey Debuts New Song


Check out this new song, Young and Beautiful, from Lana Del Rey, daughter of domain investor, Rob Grant. Lana (formerly known as Lizzie Grant) has attended many domain industry events, and it's great to see her succeeding on such a big stage.

Maybe we'll all have the opportunity to see her next month at the TRAFFIC conference in Las Vegas! If she does come to the show, it would be really neat to hear about how things have changed in her life during the last couple of years. Lana has sold tons of albums, been on the cover of a variety of newspapers and magazines throughout the world, and she is a true success story.

Not sure if you can download this song on Apple iTunes yet, but I am sure you'll be able to do so soon. → Read More