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Warning: Phishing Email


I want to share an email with you that appears to be a phishing attempt to gain access to a customer's domain names and account at I am quite sure I would not have fallen for this for a variety of reasons, but Gmail marked it as spam just in case.

If you receive an email like this that purports to be from or another domain registrar, mark it as spam and/or report it to the company that is being targeted. These types of phishing emails can lead to compromised registrar accounts and stolen domain names. Never click on links in emails because they may not lead to where they seem to lead.

In the case of the email below, the redacted link was for, but the embedded link was to another website I will not share.

Here's the email I received this afternoon: (more…) → Read More

Change to Network Solutions Transfer Process Makes Domain Transfers Difficult


Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.59.02 PM

I've used Network Solutions sparingly in the past because I found the domain name renewal rates to be expensive. I generally keep NameJet auction inventory at Network Solutions until the domain names are sold or come up for renewal, at which point they are transferred away. It's always been an easy process - a quick unlock and button check to request an authorization code, which was sent fairly quickly.

Well, it looks like the transfer process is now more like its sister company,, and that's not a good thing from my perspective. Both companies were acquired by in the last few years, and they likely share internal learnings and processes.

This morning, I went to transfer a domain name from Network Solutions, and I encountered a number of questions the company posed before I could get to the final request page. I was asked where the domain name is being transferred, why I am transferring it, if I bought it at auction, and whether I have other domain names at NS. That was after a couple of button clicks → Read More

Done Deal: Completes Network Solutions Acquisition

23 put out a press release this evening announcing that the deal to acquire Network Solutions has been approved and finalized. The deal, valued at approximately $576 million ($405 million in cash and 18 million shares of common stock), was originally announced in August, and it comes on the heels of's acquisiton of in June of 2010.

This acquisition triples's customer base, and it will allow the company to offer cross-sells and up-sells to customers. In total, there are now about 3 million "subscribers."  According to David Brown, chairman and chief executive officer of "This transaction more than doubles our revenue, triples the size of our customer base, and provides the expanded scale to invest greater resources in growth and branding initiatives."

I am interested in learning more about the branding initiatives that were mentioned by Brown. and Network Solutions have built solid brand names over the last 15+ years, and they have arguably more consumer → Read More Selects IDN Newsletter as the Exclusive Broker for its IDN Portfolio


I just received an email from my friend Aaron Krawitz announcing a newly established relationship between domain registrar and the IDN domain experts at selected IDN Newsletter to broker its in-house portfolio of IDN domain names. I think this represents a new revenue opportunity for and it says a lot about the knowledge of the IDN Newsletter team of Aaron and Gary Males.

It's nice to hear about mutually beneficial partnerships like this, and I wish both companies all the best.   Today's news release follows:


As you might expect, has a vault full of premium names in its in-house portfolio.   The company is one of the oldest and most storied registrars with over 13 years in the domain and web services industry.'s vault includes troves of premium IDNs that the registrar maintained until the IDN market began to mature.

Now, has decided to open the vault and sell a select portion of its IDNs to the general → Read More

Special Offer: Reserve Your .CO Domain Names for Just $275


There are going to be a whole lot of .CO domain names available to the general public which aren't reserved by the .CO Registry or by trademark holders. These names will be available during the landrush period, which begins on June 21 at a limited number of domain registrars. is offering a special price of $275 for .CO domain registrations when you call their customer service number and provide them with the special code LR25 or if you register it online. If for some reason cannot reserve the domain name from you, they will give a refund less a $9.00 processing fee. If has multiple reservations for the same domain name, it will be auctioned to those who reserved it.

Here's the .CO release schedule:

  • Global Sunrise April 26 - June 10

  • Landrush June 21 - July 13

  • General Availability July 20

→ Read More