Selects IDN Newsletter as the Exclusive Broker for its IDN Portfolio


I just received an email from my friend Aaron Krawitz announcing a newly established relationship between domain registrar and the IDN domain experts at selected IDN Newsletter to broker its in-house portfolio of IDN domain names. I think this represents a new revenue opportunity for and it says a lot about the knowledge of the IDN Newsletter team of Aaron and Gary Males.

It’s nice to hear about mutually beneficial partnerships like this, and I wish both companies all the best.   Today’s news release follows:


As you might expect, has a vault full of premium names in its in-house portfolio.   The company is one of the oldest and most storied registrars with over 13 years in the domain and web services industry.’s vault includes troves of premium IDNs that the registrar maintained until the IDN market began to mature.

Now, has decided to open the vault and sell a select portion of its IDNs to the general public.   As such, it chose as the exclusive domain brokerage platform for this sale.   IDNNewsletter is run by Gary Males and Aaron Krawitz, the duo who also founded IDNTools, IDNBlog and IDNDemystified.

Krawitz said “it is an honor to have been given access to’s IDN vault, and we doubled our efforts, hiring multiple sets of native speakers and consulting with our colleagues as we vetted and priced these names.”   Males added that “IDNNewsletter is serious about catering to our many newsletter subscribers and there are some tremendous bargains that you will be seeing in the coming weeks.”

Among the blockbuster names that will be up for sale are ラブ.com (“Love” in Japanese) and ×›×™×£.com (“Fun” in Hebrew”)

The highly anticipated IDNNewsletter / launch is planned for the first week of May and will be exclusively going out to IDNNewsletter subscribers.


  1. SHHH I want to get some deals 😉 ::kidding::

    Best of luck to the gang. Let the “feast” begin.

    This is definitely an eye opening. There should definitely be some very pricey sales as they have many nice names.

  2. This seems like a good opportunity but I don’t know if I’m the only one wondering.

    Will the sales be published?
    I received the newsletter & don’t remember any sales listed yet.

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