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IDN Event Coming to New York City October 30


A night of domainer networking and sushi is coming up in New York City, and I will be attending. Here are the details:

IDNTools and sponsors, Moniker, and SnapNames will host the first-ever IDN Event in Manhattan on Saturday night, October 30th from 7:00pm - midnight. The night of dinner and networking will be held at Haru, a great sushi restaurant located in New York City.

The purpose of the event is to facilitate networking and educate domain registrants about international domaining opportunities and the importance of connecting with local audiences. The organizers will also hold an IDN auction to coincide with the event.

If you register before October 1st, the cost of attendance is $99, and it includes a full sushi dinner.   Attendees will have the opportunity to network with other domain investors and industry professionals. There is a full agenda for the IDN Event listed on → Read More

Our Story: Aliasing and Times Square


Starting backwards, you'd be stupid to put your name on a company and in a global press release if you didn't believe in the concept.   When we took out an IDNTools ad on the iconic Reuters billboard in Times Square it was a sign of our confidence in what is to come.   Similarly, when we issued an international press release (link here) briefly explaining why IDNs will be the next big opportunity, we did so proudly with facts to back up our assertions.

So what are the facts?   IDNs are any Internationalized Domain Names that require the use of foreign characters, such as 溧阳.com.   The billion plus population in China actually prefers to speak Chinese, type Chinese and read Chinese. Now that they can register Chinese domain names, aka IDNs, they have been taking advantage of the opportunity and will continue to do so.   The same is true for Japan, Russia, and many other countries.   Unfortunately, IDNs became available after the domain rush was well underway, and as such many domainers and businesses still don't → Read More

Translating Domain Names


Using Google Translate to translate English to [another language] is the # 1 mistake that all newcomers make. This is a telltale sign of one's lack of experience. If you crawl back through 5 years of IDNForums threads, you'll see this mistake time and time again when new members post an appraisal. Mainstream machine translators are often junk for individual words, and a high % of the time they are wrong. Autotranslators are really only good for translating sentences/paragraphs so that you get the rough idea of the context. So avoid machine translations, though they are simple and tempting. Just don't do it, especially if you are a newbie and don't yet appreciate the odds that the translation is wrong.

So what is the best way to get a translation? The best way to verify names is to start with a list of foreign terms that you believe to be the correct translation. Then either use a native colleague or use a foreign dictionary. Many foreign dictionaries are free, online, and are just as easy to use as autotranslators. You → Read More

Diversify Your Domain Portfolio: How IDNs are Registered in Punycode


You might have heard that people in other countries like to type, search, and create content in their native languages.   Investing in Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) is a way to capitalize on that trend, and for anyone who wants to diversify a domain portfolio, buying a number of IDNs is a must.

I am not fluent in any foreign languages, (though I come close with Hebrew).   How can I register IDNs in large countries such as China, which has more people than any other country in the world?   Is it a problem than I am not a native speaker and that I do not have Chinese characters on my keyboard?

It is actually fairly simple.   All you need is a good, free online dictionary and a punycode converter.

Step 1: Translation
If you use a reliable foreign dictionary and translate "Liyang", the Chinese city,   from English to Chinese you will get 溧阳.com

Step 2: Punycode Conversion
Then if you want to register this name, many registrars require you to register it using the punycode representation of these → Read More

Guest Post: Why IDNs Should Matter to Domain Investors


Gold Mining

My wife and I had dinner the other night with Aaron Krawitz and his wife, Emily. Aaron and I met at a New York domain investor get together, and not only are we both domain investors, but our wives are in the same year of graduate school working on a similar degree. Aaron is an Ivy-League graduate and currently works at a prestigious New York firm.

While our wives talked about internships and the field of Psychology, Aaron and I talked about domain names and investing. Aaron has significant IDN domain name investments, and I know next to nothing about them. I asked Aaron if he would write a guest post about IDNs so I can share with my readers why he and others are so passionate about them. Aaron and his business partner, Gary Males, wrote the following. Hope you enjoy.


Any domainer worth his salt knows the history of the pioneers in the domain industry and how in the 90's they took a risk on buying generic domain names.   Back in the pre-Google days, there was no business model, no parking, no affiliates, no → Read More