Super Bowl Bet: vs. Enom


As I predicted last week when the Broncos and Seahawks won their respective conference championships to earn the right to play in the Super Bowl on Sunday, and Enom have been sharing some fun banter before the game. They also have a Super Bowl bet that seems like a lot of fun for both companies, and they are sharing special offers and discounts for customers.

If the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl ( is located in Denver),’s  Jared Ewy will visit Enom’s Seattle area headquarters and run the office for the day. In his words, “I’ll have their management bring me coffee and snacks, and occasionally— like every 10 minutes, I’ll shout OMAHA and everyone will have to switch desks. If you don’t know who I am, then here’s a sneak peak at  my leadership style.”

If the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl, Enom’s Chris Sheridan will visit’s office and be in charge for the day. Here’s what Chris says is on tap for the day on the Enom blog: “Our first session will be entitled ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Success!!’ – even a small registrar with no guidance or leadership can stumble forward. Our afternoon session – ‘I refuse to be an Anchor!’ – Here we will explore the top 5 things you can do to stop dragging down our company, beginning with selecting a life goal and then, ultimately, a work-related goal. Baby steps,, baby steps.”

Even parent company Rightside is getting involved in the fun on the  Rightside blog.  Steve Banfield, the GM who oversees both the Enom  and lines of business, has said that customers will be the big winners when it comes to this Super Bowl bet. “No matter which team wins we’re also going to be doing some fun promotions on domains at both eNom and so our customers can get in on the fun too, so one could say we’re going all in for our football pool this year.”

To learn about some of these special offers and deals, you should check out the Enom Twitter account and the Twitter account.

Since my Patriots aren’t in the Super Bowl, I won’t be rooting for either team, but I hope that the losing team is forced to keep a live blog of Jared’s or Chris’ visit. I am sure it will be a fun day for all.

Sidenote (well, bottom note): Check out the evideo that shared a couple of days ago:


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