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Donuts Makes $70 Million Offer for Rightside’s New gTLDs


A press release just hit the wires that I think most in the domain name industry will find interesting. In it, Donuts outlines an offer it made to acquire Rightside's new gTLD extensions, and it includes a letter the company sent to Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu. I would imagine this was made public because Rightside is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq market (ticker symbol: NAME).

According to the press release that I shared below, Donuts offered $70 million to buy all of Rightside's new domain name extensions:

"Donuts Inc., the world's largest operator of new domain name  extensions, today publicly announced its interest in acquiring Rightside Group, Ltd.'s entire registry of generic top-level domains (gTLDs, also known as domain extensions) and related assets for $70 million in an all-cash deal."


Earlier this year, Daniel Negari made a public $5 million offer to Rightside to acquire four of its extensions. The offer, which was published on the CEO.XYZ blog, was made to acquire .Army, .Dance, .Dentist and .Vet. → Read More

Rightside Shares Premium Domain Sales Data


Rightside just published a blog post with some interesting insight into premium domain name sales from the new gTLD extensions it operates. The company noted that it intends to share more information now and in the future "[i]an effort to demystify Rightside premium domains."

The first data release contains information about premium new gTLD domain names sales for 2016 year to date. I presume that by "premium" the company means domain names that it held back from being hand registered. I also presume those domain names have higher renewal costs, but that is more of a guess.

So far in the first quarter of 2016, the company has sold (more…) → Read More

Warning: eNom Spear Phishing Email


I want to share a warning with you regarding a spear phishing email I received that claimed to be from eNom and even used a "eNom" branded ccTLD domain name to carry out this scam. I consider it spearphishing rather than phishing because it contained information specific to the domain name that was mentioned, and these types of targeted phishing campaigns can be more confusing for recipients.

From what I know, phishing emails are the likely culprit for the majority of domain name thefts. Once a thief has access to a registrar account, he can change account details and begin the process of stealing domain names without the owner's knowledge. It is important to remember that this type of email can target domain name owners at other registrars. Thieves can also use any domain name that looks official, so shutting this down is not as easy as turning off the domain name that is being used to carry out this campaign.

To best protect domain registrar accounts, it is important to turn on two factor authentication (2FA), which is → Read More

Here’s How Apple is Using it’s Apple.News Domain Name


According to this tweet below, it looks like Apple is using the Apple.News domain name in its Apple News app, now available for iPhone users who are using iOS 9. As you can see, if a user shares a news article on social media via the Apple News app, the url that is shown is an Apple.News url. The .News gTLD extension is operated by Rightside.

I think it is a smart move from Apple to use Apple.News in this manner. It makes it very clear that the news article that was shared was done so via the new app. This enables Apple to help build its brand as others will see their social networking contacts using the app and might give it a try. This also enables publishers to see that people are accessing their content via links from the Apple News app.

Apple could (more…) → Read More

Matt Cutts Announces SEO.Ninja


Matt Cutts has been the head of Google's Webspam team for quite some time, and he is currently on leave from the company. Cutts is seemingly the goto guy when it comes to SEO questions pertaining to Google, and he is pretty much the face of the company for many webmasters and SEOs.

In a tweet this evening, Cutts announced that his next project is called AutoSEO, and it can be found at SEO.Ninja. .Ninja is a new domain name extension operated by Rightside.

Here's what Cutts had to say in the blog post he linked to in the above tweet: (more…) → Read More

Name.com Wins Rightside Hackathon (Video)


The first company-wide Rightside Hackathon was held last month, and I was sent a link to a video of the winning team. A team from Name.com created the nBox, which helps a user create an "instant branded email." The email address can be used for free for one month, at which point the user would need to pay for the email service in order to continue. There are also upgrades available to help them start a website.

This offering seems to be aimed at job seekers and others who may be using a less than professional email address to communicate with others for business purposes. nBox would give users a more professional-looking email, using an available new gTLD domain name offered for sale at Name.com.

Obviously, nBox is in (more…) → Read More

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