January Great Domains Auction Results


The Great Domains auction held on Sedo ended a few days ago, and the results are reported below. My personal favorite, BTB.com, sold for just under $40,000. I like the name because of the “business to business” connotation, even though most people refer to that as B2B or something similar.

In total, the auction netted over $100,000 USD in sales. Several 3 letter .com and .net domain names sold for decent amounts, including AFQ.com, MVL.com, and ARM.net.

Here are the results of last month’s auction:

btb.com $US 38350
terminus.com $US 10099
afq.com EUR 9999
mvl.com $US 9101
snapsale.com $US 6410
xhi.com $US 6101
arm.net EUR 4100
amber.nl EUR 2349
0.asia $US 1950
simulation.net $US 1500
livesport.net $US 1161
lgg.de EUR 1000
ohhh.com EUR 799
agf.net $US 755
mpl.net $US 705
ksi.net $US 655
ajm.net $US 605
spx.net $US 600
wew.net $US 570
pin-up.de EUR 450
ospf.com $US 320
toolspace.com $US 310
deviled.com EUR 250
xomv.com $US 130
ooju.com $US 109
dichte.de EUR 109
bookhajj.com $US 109
xfzg.com EUR 99
ykup.com $US 99
aufz.com $US 99
dataserver.net EUR 99
scaleminiatures.com $US 99


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