Numeric Domain Names Infographic


Giuseppe Graziano shared this informative infographic about numeric domain names, and I thought it might be of interest to you. There’s no doubt that short numeric domain names have increased in value quite a bit over the last couple of years, and they are very difficult to find for sale at what most would consider good prices.

The infographic is called “Twelve lucky rules to understand the value of a numeric domain name.” As you will be able to see, there are 12 tips about what makes numeric domain names valuable. Most of the tips seem like they are based on the Chinese market. Chinese buyers appear to make up the majority of the biggest numeric domain name purchases lately. Along with the release of this infographic, Giuseppe published a lengthy guide to numeric domain names on his website.

I have sold quite a few numeric domain names, although I haven’t sold any in quite some time. I certainly did not sell at the top of the market, but I used the proceeds from sales to fund my business. I think numeric domain names are quite liquid, but I am not comfortable investing in the highest end of this market at the prices at which they are trading. It will be interesting to see how the value of numeric domain names change in the next year or two.

Your comments about numeric domain names are always welcome.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Elliot. This is the best infographic I’ve seen on numeric domains. I just sold a on Sedo for $4K.

    • That is a very good price for Chinese mainly buy .com. I have a standing offer for for $45,000 USD I am looking for close $200K
      will see.

    • I think as the .com pool is emptied for numerics, the Chinese will begin to gravitate to .cc domains. I know in the last year or so, it’s impossible to find deleted domains. The one I sold I bought as a deleted domain for $10… those days are gone.

    • I don’t much about numerics but I am curious why would the Chinese gravitate toward .cc domains when other extensions are available. What is the fascination with .cc?

    • Believe me I’m no expert! When you cruise around the Chinese domain sites, it’s all about the numbers like Giuseppe Graziano’s wonderful infographic shows. I sold; at a Chinese site, has a BIN price of 118,000 RBM = $19K… I’m thinking now I sold too low!

  2. Really interesting article! In fact I have (good even sequences?) for which I will be quite happy to sell now for as much as $2,000.

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