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Numeric Domain Names Infographic


Giuseppe Graziano shared this informative infographic about numeric domain names, and I thought it might be of interest to you. There's no doubt that short numeric domain names have increased in value quite a bit over the last couple of years, and they are very difficult to find for sale at what most would consider good prices.

The infographic is called "Twelve lucky rules to understand the value of a numeric domain name." As you will be able to see, there are 12 tips about what makes numeric domain names valuable. Most of the tips seem like they are based on the Chinese market. Chinese buyers appear to make up the majority of the biggest numeric domain name purchases lately. Along with the release of this infographic, Giuseppe published a lengthy guide to numeric domain names on his website.

I have sold quite a few numeric domain names, although I (more…) → Read More

Once Sold for $40k, Now at $1.6 Billion Market Cap


An Investors Business Daily article headline on Yahoo Finance caught my attention yesterday afternoon: " Among Leaders In Casino-Heavy Gaming Group." The domain name caught my eye, and I did a bit of research to see how the domain name ended up in the hands of this company that has grown tremendously. As with many exceptional domain names, the story of looks pretty interesting. was originally registered by someone in February of 1994, although according to DomainTools, the creation date is listed as 1996. For the next 12 years or so, the domain name hadn't really been developed, and the owner had a "for sale" listing on the home page with a buy it now price of (more…) → Read More

Have Numeric Domain Values Peaked?



Just before the summer, I wrote an article about the increase in demand for (and value of) numeric domain names. It seemed that just about every domain aftermarket and broker newsletter had 3 and 4 number .com domain names for sale at prices that continued to increase week in and week out for quite some time.

I just saw the above embedded tweet from Ryan Colby, a seasoned domain broker and founder of Outcome Brokerage. It seems that Ryan may have observed that the numeric domain name aftermarket has hit its peak and may be in a decline (possibly short term). As a domain broker, he would likely be in a good position to observe this, as he is in contact with buyers and sellers all day.

I personally do not own any numeric domain names and haven't been looking to buy any. I have seen auctions and sales posts for them, and it seems the prices continue → Read More Domains for Sale


I am now selling the following numeric domain names: - $625 - $625 - $625 - $625 - $625

All 5 domain names can be purchased as a set at a discounted price of $2,850.   The domain names are registered at Moniker for an easy push. This is a multi-venue post, so first to post sold gets them. → Read More

Are Numeric Domain Names an “Emerging Trend”?


I had my first debate/discussion via Twitter (albeit a short one) yesterday about whether numeric domain names can be considered an emerging trend. I read Inside Domaining's tweet about the topic, and I disagree because values are stagnant and down for most numeric names (as they are just about across the board). I cited my experience selling late last year as evidence of a difficult market, and I also have experience selling 4 number .com domain names and 3 number .net domain names in the past.

Inside Domaining countered back that 2 and 3 number .com domain names were selling great last year, which is something I do not dispute. However, they sold well last year because TJ Demas bought many of the big ones for huge prices for a special project. IMO, this doesn't make for an "emerging trend" simply because one buyer bought some names and had to pay a huge sum to get them   (ala Rick selling for $750,000).

Just as when the 4 letter .com domain names sold out last year, the perceived values went through → Read More