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Was Registering 30,000 Domains a Good Idea?


I received Giuseppe Graziano's weekly domain brokerage newsletter this morning, and I was a bit surprised by  one of his observations.  In going through some recent domain industry developments, Giuseppe opined that "the most impressive development that I have seen is the registration of the remaining 30,000 Chinese Premium"

Giuseppe later continued with some back of napkin calculations on why he felt this was a shrewd investment:

"Chinese Premium (also called "chips" - credit: Tim Schoon) have a current floor price of approximately $300, but their trading range is more in the $400/$600. If we play by the book and assign a value of 5-10% of the corresponding .com for each .net domain, we notice that, even if using the conservative 5% figure, all these LLLL .net should have a minimum value of ($300 * 5% =) $15 each. If someone registers a premium .net for $8, then they should be instantly able to turn a ($15 - $8) $7 profit per domain. Therefore, whoever invested the supposedly $240,000, should have an → Read More

Numeric Domain Names Infographic


Giuseppe Graziano shared this informative infographic about numeric domain names, and I thought it might be of interest to you. There's no doubt that short numeric domain names have increased in value quite a bit over the last couple of years, and they are very difficult to find for sale at what most would consider good prices.

The infographic is called "Twelve lucky rules to understand the value of a numeric domain name." As you will be able to see, there are 12 tips about what makes numeric domain names valuable. Most of the tips seem like they are based on the Chinese market. Chinese buyers appear to make up the majority of the biggest numeric domain name purchases lately. Along with the release of this infographic, Giuseppe published a lengthy guide to numeric domain names on his website.

I have sold quite a few numeric domain names, although I (more…) → Read More

Giuseppe Graziano Launches Domain Brokerage


From June of 2012 until this past March, Giuseppe Graziano worked in a business development role and as a domain broker at Domain Holdings. According to his LinkedIn profile, Giuseppe "successfully negotiated over 7 digits in domain sales." Giuseppe recently went out on his own, and he just announced the launch of his domain name brokerage, plans to focus entirely on "liquid" domain names. This means Giuseppe will only be looking to broker high value short and numeric domain names. Domain names in these categories continue to see higher sale prices, and I understand that Giuseppe has experience in this niche.

Giuseppe shared some information about (more…) → Read More

What Are The World’s Top 100 Websites?


How was your weekend? Hope it was great! Whether you find yourself in the US, Europe or Asia, you might be enjoying one of the several public holidays marked on the calendars across of the world. While in the US there was President's day yesterday, here in Europe today we celebrate Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday" as literal translation. But the way these holidays are celebrated are nothing compared to the firework frenzy expected for the Year of the Ram arriving in China this Thursday or the famous Carnaval ending today in Rio de Janeiro:


On another note, the nice side effect that we are all enjoying is a quieter and less crowded  inbox. Also in terms of deal flow,  last week seemed pretty quiet compared to the massive sales happened in the previous weeks where and, both sold for staggering amounts in the 7 and 8 digits.  We actually  had a few readers asking how is it possible that such a sale price could be achieved for a domain-only transaction  and how that affects the value of the other numeric → Read More