Last Call on Submissions for the Heritage Auctions’ July Event


I received an email from Aron Meystedt, Founder and Director of the Intellectual Property Division at Heritage Auctions, and I want to share it with you. Heritage Auctions is seeking domain names for a July auction, and they are in the final stages of accepting domain name submissions.

The auction will have around 75 domain names up for sale, and HA promises more marketing and public relations efforts to help drive sales. The request for domain name submissions that I received is posted below. If you have domain names for sale that fit the requirements and you are intersted in discussing their inclusion in the July auction, be in touch with Aron.

Email from Aron Meystedt:

Our list is filling up with solid names for the July auction. We are seeking a few more nice names for the auction (75 names total).

You’ll see greater PR and marketing efforts in this auction. We will also hold a LIVE auction with integrated online bidding.

We are seeking:

2 and 3 letter .com domains
2 and 3 number .com domains
1 and 2 word .com domains like,,, etc.
1 and 2 word .com domains like,,,

We have some nice names scheduled already – hopefully a few of these will generate some press.
Please submit your names to me, with your reserve prices, this week.

The goal is to pull in our 900,000 affluent clients – so we will continue to educate them and pitch domains to them.

I know it’s a big challenge, but the domain industry needs a bigger base of investors and buyers – so I’m committed to the task.


  1. I think is going to be listed with $100k reserve price, right? Aron has asked seller to be realistic about the selling price, so I think this one is just okay.

  2. I can definitely see this being a sleeping giant that stands up to become a bigger and bigger boon for the domain industry and public awareness and desire. This is still only the beginning and the giant has only sat up to a bright new morning yet.

    There are two sets of timing one has to deal with now: timing on a sense of people’s interest in domains/ip, but more importantly timing on any specific niche/industry your domains may pertain to. There are certain ones I would submit now if it weren’t for the latter – the timing is just a bit off, but that’s just my situation. With the right timing, though, you could be looking a some hefty news events for the industry.

    Once again hats off to Aron for being the one to finally pioneer this thing which some of us have wanted to see for many years now.

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