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It’s very cool to see a friend launch a new website on a great domain name, especially when it has a greater purpose than to generate revenue. is  a new forum-themed website that was recently launched by Future Media Architects and its founder, Thunayan Khalid al-Ghanim.

Thunayan took some time to write a thought provoking post on, which explains the forum’s purpose, touching on the historical significance of current events in the Arab world:

Though conscience is a concept difficult to define in general, it is quite easy for the person to credibly define their individual conscience. Individual conscience is the standard of credibility to which we subscribe and express ourselves. At, the human conscience, consciously defined by human individuality, is our source of credibility.

The greatest space of freedom is the one between a person’s ears. is concerned with safeguarding the independence and integrity of this space.

It is’s profound belief in the maturity of the Arab consciousness—which has transcended the stagnant political process and overturned historical convictions—that compelled us to lay the foundations for this forum. This is a forum for Arabs, by Arabs, from every dissent, without bias or preference for one voice over another. This is a forum to create a reality for Arabs without censorship or guardianship, where each person is responsible for their exercise of free choice and expression.

History is made not by super-powers of heaven or earth, but human-made, through the collective exercise of humanity expressing its self freely, and that is our strategic philosophy in contributing to the creation of a new reality in the Arab world and the world at large…”

FMA has tens of thousands of domain names, and likely hundreds of top quality domain assets like Development is time consuming, especially when you consider the moderation that must go into operating a forum such as the one on

Although I don’t speak Arabic (some might say I am still trying to master the English language), I want to wish Thunayan and FMA, bettawfeeq – good luck on this new venture.

I also look forward to seeing the launch of one of my favorite FMA domain names,, which is expected in April. Hopefully I will get to celebrate the launch of the site with him in Ibiza (wife permitting of course).

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “This is a forum for Arabs, by Arabs, from every dissent, without bias or preference for one voice over another. This is a forum to create a reality for Arabs without censorship or guardianship, where each person is responsible for their exercise of free choice and expression.”

    Isn’t that special, however not all expression is good. Between fighting for human rights and freedom from oppressors we can learn how to kill the great satan and make ied’s. After all the site is without cencorship.

    Sorry E, they have the twitter and Facebook already, seems to have been enough in Egypt. Online forums like this are just asking to become a breeding ground. I don’t care what they say E, they hate you, me and while they can deny that to your face if they truly believe what their Qur’an says they believe you were transformed into an ape and pig by Allah. 61% of the Qur’an is about non muslims. I have lots of muslim “friends” but always took that with a grain of salt because you cannot be my friend and a true muslim, anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or is lying to you.

  2. I don’t doubt it E, like I said I have muslim ” friends ” but the truth is if they believe what the Qur’an says they cannot truly be both your good buddy and a muslim. I have done business with many muslims but its just that, business. Business involves wining and dining.

    Not wanting to start a debate and I am probably rambling to a degree but I shake my head when I see people get fooled.

  3. Irregardless, he is either not a muslim and thinks highly of you or he is a muslim and thinks your a …. use your immagination, you cant have it both ways imo.

    If you choose to believe muslims and Jews can hold each others hand and no one wants your land or to see your nation (both) destroyed just because they have dinner with you and smile to your face… you got a lot to learn.

  4. True, its your blog but its raw and real, just like that new forum you wrote about, ironic?

    I know they don’t care, I just spent 2 minutes there and watched the messages in english across the bottom of the main page ” #@$% Netanyaho” or another ” Down with Americ ” apparently they forgot the A 🙂

    Hey Ill leave it here, point was that forum will breed as much harm as good, its nature. Will some good people discuss real human rights issues etc, sure.. good and bad I suppose.

  5. I have read some translated, most comes from friends who are muslim who have either converted, left the religion or don’t mind being blunt with me. No muslim can deny the contents of the Quran, just like no Christian can deny the Bibles teachings.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I treat all people the same, no man greater than the next, I would take the shirt off my back for a muslim and jew alike. The only reason I am anti anything is when it teaches or its leaders teach what I take as hate, that simple.

  6. Let me simply ask this, do you whole heartedly believe the entire teachings of the Quran? (I am assuming you are a muslim?).
    Or do you reject some of the text?

  7. I haven’t read it but my close family members have and they really practice the religion. I don’t see anything wrong with what they told me about it and what they are doing day to day. They also don’t hate anyone because their names are different or they are from a different background.

    I strongly respect all other religions but I don’t respect religious extremists!!!

  8. I respect your opinion Adi and I am not just picking on the Quran/Muslims, it just so happened to go this way based on the post. There are as many issues with other religions, I conceed.

    The main issue for me was how we treat all mankind and if someone says love all men equally and so on yet their Holy book is very clear about the matter, I have to assume they may just not have read those texts or it is simply their nature to be kind regardless.

    The Quran is VERY difficult to take in, try opening up a random page and read. Apart from the first sections which pertain to laws it isnt easy.

    It does say you can have many wives Adi so you have one over me lol

  9. Domains and religion/racial tensions go hand in hand these days, huh ? 😛

    My gripe with this Thunayan fella is that he holds a massive portfolio of premium domain names and, if I remember correctly, only develops a few of these and does not sell the rest. I remember stumbling on a premium domain I wanted and was willing to pay for a lot for, then finding his site, and reading something along the lines of “don’t even bother inquiring about the domains.” Lame !

  10. “@ M

    Sounds like sour grapes. You can do whatever you want with your domain names and he can do the same with his 🙂 ”



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