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V.TV Pending Delete: What Will it Sell for at Auction?


I am not sure the reason why, but it looks like the single letter V.TV domain name expired and is now in pending delete status. Assuming one of the major drop catching auction houses is able to grab it, the domain name will go to auction tomorrow or Tuesday.

A Whois history search at DomainTools shows me that V.TV had been owned by Future Media Architects. It is unclear why the domain name expired.

I looked at NameBio, and I was able to search for public single letter and single number .TV domain name sales it has recorded. The largest sale is $18,000 for D.TV. The only other single letter .TV sale was the $17,500 sale of E.TV. There were 5 single number .TV sales recorded, ranging from $3,100 to $5,555. Although the volume of reported sales is very low, it is interesting to see that single letter names sold for much more than single number names. Of note is that there hasn't been a publicly reported single letter / number .tv sale since 2011, so the market has likely changed since then.

I am not entirely sure how → Read More

LJA.com Sells via Uniregistry


The LJA.com domain name has sold, according to my morning DomainTools email update. Prior to the sale, the domain name was owned by Future Media Architects (FMA). The domain name is now registered to a Texas company called LJA Engineering & Surveying, Inc.

After seeing the Whois change, I reached out to Jeff Gabriel from Uniregistry, as I know the company has represented FMA on the sale of some of its domain names (such as Kiwi.com). Jeff confirmed that Uniregistry brokered the deal, but he could not share the purchase price for the domain name. "We can confirm a sale occurred, however our client wished it remain confidential," Jeff told me via email.

My guess is that this was a (more…) → Read More

FMA Launches Forum on Arabs.com


It's very cool to see a friend launch a new website on a great domain name, especially when it has a greater purpose than to generate revenue.  Arabs.com is  a new forum-themed website that was recently launched by Future Media Architects and its founder, Thunayan Khalid al-Ghanim.

Thunayan took some time to write a thought provoking post on Arabs.com, which explains the forum's purpose, touching on the historical significance of current events in the Arab world:

Though conscience is a concept difficult to define in general, it is quite easy for the person to credibly define their individual conscience. Individual conscience is the standard of credibility to which we subscribe and express ourselves. At Arabs.com, the human conscience, consciously defined by human individuality, is our source of credibility.

The greatest space of freedom is the one between a person's ears. Arabs.com is concerned with safeguarding the independence and integrity of this space.

It is Arabs.com's profound belief in the maturity of the Arab → Read More

The $200,000 Sale of MonaLisa.com That Almost Never Happened


Sedo just announced (via DNW) the successful brokerage sale of the domain name MonaLisa.com for $200,000. The domain name is currently registered to its Domain Transfer email, so I am fairly certain the deal is nearly completed.

If you have a look at the archives in DNForum, there's a thread started by the "mysterious" Kuwaiti domain investor, elequa (also known as Thunayan Khalid Al-Ghanim of Future Media Architects). In the thread, Thunayan mentioned that he was bidding on the domain name at "NW," a Dotster subsidiary, although he did not win. At that time, the domain name sold for around $15,000. Had Thunayan prevailed in the auction, the domain name would never have been resold, as his company does not sell any of its domain names.

Funny enough, someone who goes by the nickname "DomainGoon" (sarcastically) asked, "the real question is, how many years would take to make $15,000 back using that domain?" I guess the answer is 7 years, for more than 1,000% return on that $15,000 investment.


PS: Thunayan - call me... → Read More

FMA to Launch Vanity Email Service


In the UDRP decision for the domain name Miki.com, (which was defended by Kenyon & Kenyon and won by Future Media Architects), the company announced its plans to launch a vanity email service on some of its domain names. People will be able to choose email addresses from the portfolio of high value domain names owned by FMA, including Cool.com, Party.com, Falcons.com, Monsters.com, Jackass.com, and many other generic domain names in its portfolio.

Tucows' NetIdentity portfolio of common surnames offers something similar, but FMA has a portfolio of hundreds of fun domain names that will surely be in high demand. The company is still working out the interface, but according to Thunayan Khalid Al-Ghanim, President of FMA, the company hopes to begin offering the service sometime in the near future.

This is another corporate attempt at wrestling a generic domain name from a legitimate domain owner. How many more victories will Thunayan and FMA need to have before outsiders see this as a losing cause? → Read More