Flippa Announces “Website Classifieds”


Flippa is known as a domain name and website marketplace where people can buy and sell domain names via auction. Flippa boasts that there are over 500,000 buyers, and it seems like there are often some pretty solid domain names listed for sale. This morning, the company announced a new offering called “website classifieds,” which allows owners to list their domain names for sale without the auction.

Similar to the current set-up, a domain owner can create a classified listing on Flippa with the same information they currently use for an auction listing. Instead of having an auction that ends on a set date, the listing will stay active for as long as the domain owner would like, up to one year. The domain name or website sale listing “will be included in Flippa’s search results and receive offers from interested buyers over a longer time than an auction (up to a year)”  At any point, the domain owner is able to convert the classified listing to an auction to “reach more buyers and get it sold fast.”

As a means of getting more people to try this out, Flippa customers  who are interested in trying out the website classifieds offering can do so for free for the next seven days (not including the sale commision). I believe this special offer will expire on October 28, 2014. I don’t know if a special promo code is needed,  and I don’t know if there is a limit to how many free listings a user can create.

More information about the new offering and special offer can be found via the Flippa blog. You can also read more about the difference between a standard Flippa auction listing and a website classifieds listing on the blog as well.


  1. Hi Elliot,

    There’s no need to add a special code or anything, you just need to select the Website Classified option on the /sell page.

    Flippa hasn’t placed a limit on the number of classified listings, so now’s the chance to list those websites you’ve been thinking about putting up for sale! 😉

    Tim – Flippa.com

  2. Is Flippa boasting THEY (as in registered member) have 500,000 buyers? I’d really like to know where they got this number from because I have more than a hard time believing it, especially when you consider the number of domains they actually sell and the high number of shill bidding.

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