Bluehost “Rebrands” as Pink.Host for Breast Cancer Awareness


Pink.HostOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month in the United States, and many businesses and organizations are hosting special events to generate awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds for organizations that do breast cancer research. Most famously, the National Football League dons pink gear to raise awareness. I learned that hosting provider Bluehost is participating in its own unique way using a new gTLD domain name.

For the month of October, BlueHost is using a website on the Pink.Host domain name to raise money for cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah. According to an email I received, “the company received the domain names and as part of its Pioneer program participation with Radix,” the registry managing .Host domain names.

A press release I received from Radix Registry explains the significance behind the special Pink.Host website:

A portion of the proceeds from every new customer sign-up at in October will go to the Huntsman Cancer Institute and 100% of these contributions will be used for cancer research. HCI has one of the world’s largest cancer research facilities; delivering dozens of new treatments to terminal stage cancer patients. Bluehost is also encouraging customers to make contributions through”

I think it would have been better if the company announced what portion of the proceeds will be donated to HCI, as well as if the donation will continue throughout the life of the customer. However, I am not one to begrudge the generosity of others, so I am hopeful this donation is substantial, especially given the coverage of this campaign here and elsewhere.

Donation aside for a moment, I think this is a unique usage of this domain name, and it is a creative tactic that should benefit all of the organizers and participants. Most registries are reluctant to give out short domain names like this, especially for what might amount to a short campaign. The press release noted that Radix provided this premium-designated domain name at no charge. It’s a cool idea from Radix and Bluehost, and hopefully it will raise a lot of money for breast cancer research.


  1. “A portion of the proceeds from every new customer sign-up at in October will go to the Huntsman Cancer Institute”

    Agree with you Elliot, the word “portion” stands out like a sore thumb.. Makes you wonder where all the other money going? and what happens to the proceeds after October?

    I myself NEVER donate through 2nd or 3rd parties, I just don’t trust them.. You know their taking a cut for themselves and giving the actual charity crumbs, it’s how many of them operate unfortunately.. If you really want to help with a donation to Breast cancer research or any other charitable organization, donate DIRECT.

    • Obviously, they can’t give ALL proceeds since they run a business, but it is good to know whether it’s 20% of gross sales or .5% or something like that.

      Again, nice to see but would be good to know how much of an impact my business will have on the non-profit.

      I generally only make contributions directly to the orgs I support, but if a company I do biz with is going to give a % of my sale to an org I support, it benefits all.

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