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Election Domains: ClintonKaine.com vs. TrumpPence.com


According to a blog post on NameBio, the TrumpPence.com domain name has sold on Flippa for $18,734. The TrumpPence.com domain name originally went up for sale back in July, and the owner decided to list it for sale on Flippa. I think the sale price was fair, and it remains to be seen who bought the domain name. I don't know if the deal closed yet, and the registration information is private.

In August, the ClintonKaine.com domain name was sold for $15,000. Like the TrumpPence.com domain name, ClintonKaine.com was sold via Flippa. The registrant information for ClintonKaine.com is now private, but before the privacy registration was enabled, the registrant did not appear to be associated with the Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Presidential campaign.

For both the TrumpPence.com domain name and ClintonKaine.com domain name, (more…) → Read More

ClintonKaine.com Sold: Did Trump-Associated Entity Buy It?


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.52.04 AM

According to NameBio, the ClintonKaine.com domain name has been sold via Flippa for $15,000. I reached out to the former owner of the domain name, and he confirmed that the domain name was sold via Flippa. Interestingly, he told me "[t]he Clinton campaign didn't want it (they offered me $2000 on the phone)." Devoir Funches, the Flippa broker who helped sell the domain name, also confirmed the sale.

At the time of publication, the domain name is now privately registered. When I looked at the Whois information last night, it showed that it was registered to a Parscale Media. DomainTools has an archived Whois record from 8/12 reflecting this ownership information.

I sent an email to the listed domain registrant last night asking about the  plans for the CintonKaine.com domain name, and I also called this morning and followed up with a second email later on this afternoon. As of the time of publication, I have not heard back.

A Google search for Parscale ¬†shows an article in the San Antonio Business Journal that appears → Read More

Heritage Auctions Should Buy Heritage.com


HA.com LogoOne of my favorite listings on Flippa right now is Heritage.com. The domain name is being brokered by Chris Waters (of Domain Holdings) and it has a buy it now price of $300,000 with a $100,000 minimum offer. I think this is the perfect domain name for Heritage Auctions.

Heritage Auctions already has a fantastic domain name in HA.com. You can't get shorter than HA.com, and it is certainly easy to remember. Heritage.com would also make a great name for Heritage Auctions, since that is a major part of their branding.

Owning Heritage.com would (more…) → Read More

ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com: At What Price Will it Sell?


You've probably already read the story about ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com. In case you haven't had the opportunity, Gizmodo has a pretty good article about the website.

ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com was listed for sale at Flippa last week. Quite a coup for the company to land a listing like this, which has received a tremendous amount of publicity. At the present time, the high bid is $70,100 with 5 bids pending and 333 bids submitted. As of the publication of this article, there are 4 days remaining in this auction that has met its reserve price already.

I am curious what you think the sale price will be when the auction ends. I posted a poll for you to vote. Your comments are welcome.

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Flippa to Host “Exclusive One Day Masterclass”


I want to share the content of an email I just received from Flippa announcing "an Exclusive One Day Masterclass." The class promises to give students "access to never-before-seen data, tips and insights into how you can make more money from the web in 2015!" The class will be held at Flippa's San Francisco office on Saturday, November 22, 2014 from 8:30 - 6:00pm.

Flippa currently has a limited time "early bird" offer price of $99 per ticket, and the EventBrite listing says there will only be 30 tickets sold at this price. The regular rate is listed at $499 for this class, which sounds a bit expensive to me.

According to the email, here are some of the topics that will be taught in this class: (more…) → Read More

Flippa Announces “Website Classifieds”


Flippa is known as a domain name and website marketplace where people can buy and sell domain names via auction. Flippa boasts that there are over 500,000 buyers, and it seems like there are often some pretty solid domain names listed for sale. This morning, the company announced a new offering called "website classifieds," which allows owners to list their domain names for sale without the auction.

Similar to the current set-up, a domain owner can create a classified listing on Flippa with the same information they currently use for an auction listing. Instead of having an auction that ends on a set date, the listing will stay active for as long as the domain owner would like, up to one year. The domain name or website sale listing "will be included in (more…) → Read More

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