Did FH.com Sell?


There has been considerable interest in 2 letter .com domain names of late. Alan Dunn of Domain Holdings recently published a two letter .com market overview, and I have published articles about sales and potential sales, including WW.com, MM.com, and CH.com among others. Because of this, I have been monitoring two letter .com domain names, and I noticed that FH.com was recently transferred to a different domain registrar.

On August 22, 2014, the domain name was registered to a registrant called Foundation Health Systems in California. According to Archive.org, the domain name forwarded to healthnet.com, likely as a result of a name change in 2000, as documented by Wikipedia.

I recently noticed that FH.com changed registrars, moving from CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. to GoDaddy. Privacy protection was enabled at GoDaddy, preventing people  from seeing the name of the registrant. The other change that was made is that the nameservers for FH.com are now InternetTraffic DNS, and the domain name is parked.

I searched my email history, and I do not see any sale listings or offerings for the FH.com domain name, so if it did change hands, I assume it was done privately.

As the value of two letter .com domain names continues to increase, I would not be surprised to see end user owners selling these assets to domain investors, especially in the case of companies who don’t use their LL.com domain names for anything more than forwarding. When significant amounts of money are being offered to purchase a domain name, it is very difficult to say no, especially if the domain name is not being used independently or to drive revenue.

I obviously don’t know if FH.com was sold, but it’s interesting to track two letter .com domain names these days, especially as they continue to increase in value.

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