Has 6 Figure Offers


The majority of participants in yesterday’s poll about the value of believe the domain name is worth more than half a million USD. This is not a surprise to me because of the utility of the domain name along with the companies that could use as an upgrade. In addition, Google owns, so it obviously would take a major offer to persuade the company to sell its domain name.

I had a conversation with someone on Twitter who pegged the value at $10,000 – $20,000. I responded that I would pay more than $50,000 for as an investment. In my view, animal domain names are quite popular right now, and I am sure I wouldn’t lose money in the $50,000+ range.

In response to throwing out my offer, two other domain investors also made offers via Twitter. Finlead, which owns and has owned some awesome domain names, offered $100,000 to buy George Kirikos, whose company also owns some fantastic domain names like,, and, offered $200,000 to buy

Clearly, these Twitter-made offers are not binding, especially given the fact that Google has not even indicated that is for sale. However, I am sure both of those investors (and my company) would honor their offers should Google decide to put the domain name up for sale.

I often deal with people who would seem like great prospects to buy domain names I own. They have a company that I believe would benefit from owning a domain name my company owns. When it comes time to making an offer or considering the BIN price I have set, they sometimes don’t think the domain name is worth what I believe it is worth. DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg asked Google if his company could buy I have no idea what Weinberg would be willing to pay for it even if Google would sell it. It looks like the starting offer should be north of $200,000.


  1. is a terrible domain IMO.
    Especially as they seem to own but they’re not using it directly for their search engine. I can see why they’re so keen to upgrade to the .com.

  2. Hi Elliot, You stated that you would be willing to pay $50,000 for the domain name because it is an animal well I have several one word animal domains myself for a substantially lesser price such as,,,,,, Swarbie, and of which some are bird animals and some are mammals. Just 9 examples of animal domains available to acquire.


  3. Hi Elliot, I’ve attempted several lengthy comments but none were accepted, can you tell me why they are not going through please? Jim

  4. The name is super strong, I suspect the wholesale value (i.e. auction) is $500k-$1million. It is the kind of name that is going to get far more interest than or in terms of endusers because it is commonly used in naming. Could be an iconic brand.

    Google should be holding out for several million.

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