Daily Poll: Have You Bought a Domain Name from a Fortune 500 Company?


Yesterday’s poll about Duck.com, which is owned by Google, got me thinking about the challenges of buying a domain name owned by a huge company. Not only can it be tough to make an offer that is substantial enough to induce a large company to sell a particular domain name, but it can also be challenging to find the right person at a huge company that can decide whether or not to sell a domain name, put a price on it, and see it through the sale process. Most large companies aren’t really equipped to sell their domain name assets.

I have bought a couple of domain names from very large companies, but I don’t believe they were in the Fortune 500. Typically, buying a domain name from a large company can be challenging and frustrating. Have you bought a domain name from a Fortune 500 company before?

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  1. Many years ago I had one that was going to give me a lll.com they let expire. They were too slow to redeem it however and by the time they were ready it was in pending delete.

  2. I have not purchased a domain from a Fortune 500 company. But I do have a targeted one-word dot-Com currently owned but not used by a Fortune 500 company. I plan to approach them over the next year.

    Having dealt with Fortune 500s that purchased my domains over the last year; I noticed that often it is the CMO that will reach out to a domain registrant. I would start with the CMO, then CFO.

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