Daily Poll: What is Duck.com Worth?


Over the weekend, Raymond Hackney wrote about article published on CNET about Google’s ownership of the Duck.com domain name and how DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg asked Google if his company could buy the domain name. That got me thinking about the value of Duck.com, a domain name with a keyword that has multiple meanings.

Duck.com is obviously a short, animal .com domain name. In addition, the word “duck” is a verb meaning to put your head down or leave somewhere quickly. It would also be a great domain name for a company like DuckDuckGo to own. They could shorten the domain name and perhaps even alter the branding. Because it is owned by Google, a company that has no need to sell a domain name, it would likely take a huge windfall for the company to let it go – especially to another company that could be considered a competitor.

Taking out the fact that Google owns Duck.com, I would like to know what you think Duck.com is worth. Feel free to share additional thoughts in the comment section.


  1. I don’t think it matters that Google owns it. It only matters if the buyer is determined and has enough grit and $ to buy it. I would price this name at 7 figures.

    Years ago I remember Fish.com sold for 7 figures. I think that was a better name that also sold to cheap! 🙂

    • Anyone noticed that when a corporation desires a domain name owned by a domain speculator; ‘you only registered the domain for $10’?

      But when a corporation owns the same domain name, ‘we wont consider any conversation that doesn’t start at six figures’?

      Lesson in there. Take notes.

  2. I think its worth seven figures.Duck is a competitor in search to google.The lesson here is recognize the intrinsic value, be in no hurry to sell, know that you are dealing with a sophisticated seller not some jerky domain buyer. Google has credibility that’s the difference. I would also bet there will be a nda.

  3. Seven figures? For a domain that obviously a typo sometimes of D*ck.com?

    Any seasoned domainer knows these typos are happening to D*ck.com and vise-versa. The “I” on the keyboard is right next to the “U”. Just take a look.

    Also, what if D*ck.com eventually gets developed into an adult site and the Duck.com owners start sending traffic by way of accidental typo traffic leakage to D*ck.com? How about kids going to D*ck.com by accident? Yeah, let the media run with that and see how your PR team deals with that as a large company. If they buy Duck.com they had better buy D*ck.com as well.

    I’d still choose another domain than…..would not touch it. No thanks.

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