Donuts Clarifies .Doctor Eligibility


.Doctor domain names will be available to purchase in just a couple of weeks, and apparently, there is  a misconception about who can buy or own a .Doctor domain name. Mason Cole, Vice President of Communications & Industry Relations at Donuts, shared some information about .Doctor domain name registration eligibility in order to clarify the misconception.

Here’s what Mason told me:

“.DOCTOR, which opens for general availability October 26, is an open TLD, available to anyone to register. Consistent with our dedication to free speech on the Internet, there are no restrictions to registration—one does not have to carry the doctor title or otherwise be credentialed as a licensed doctor. You should feel free to register useful terms as you so choose.

That said, registrants in .DOCTOR that make the representation on their site that they are licensed medical practitioners should be able to demonstrate upon request that in fact they hold such a license. Failure to so demonstrate could be considered a violation of the terms of registration and may subject the registrant to registrar and registry rights to delete, revoke, suspend, cancel, or transfer a registration.”

.Doctor domain names are currently in Sunrise, and they will be available to purchase by the general public in two weeks. It looks like most of the large domain name registrars will be selling .Doctor domain names. You can learn more about .Doctor domain names at the landing page set up by 101Domain.


  1. Sounds good October 26th want to register for pressurewashing mold rooftops. Next for private business residential lawn-mowing

    Maybe cleared : masters degree, barber, associates, ged, janitorial, dandruff spray, open public

  2. this should be a closed domain or Donuts should prequalify before selling. This could potentially set up opportunity for fraud. Where is the corporate responsiblity.

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