Brandsand.Domains and TheName.Show Events to be Held in Valencia


brands-and-domainsA new domain name related conference will be held in Valencia, Spain in about a month and a half. The event is known as Brandsand.Domains, and it is being organized by Domaining Europe founder Dietmar Stefitz. The event is scheduled for December 1 at the Hotel Sorolla Palace in Valencia. This event proceeds another new event called TheName.Show, which will be held on December 2.

To learn more about these events or to see their agendas, you can view the event  websites for full details. Here are the details that Dietmar shared with me:

The first ‘Brandsand.Domains’ event will bring together experts on digital marketing, registry operations, search engine and branding with major companies that have registered Brand TLDs, or those considering applying for a Brand TLD in the future.

Event information, agenda and venue details can be found at the Website or please view the event guide. The day will close with a gala dinner, providing network opportunities.

This event will be held in Valencia on 1 December 2016. Attendees of the Brandsand.Domains event will also be invited to attend The Name.Show on 2 Dec (for free) which is targeted towards the traditional domain industry.

This is a neutral event, designed to attract Brands that have already acquired a Brand TLD or may wish to apply in future, as well organisations that provide supporting services to Brand TLD applicants, such as front & back-end registry providers. So we expect there to be interest from a variety of the key players.

Dietmar was kind enough to offer a press pass to cover the events, but my wife reminded me that we will be away in Georgia.

If you have any questions about the conference, you should direct them to Dietmar.


  1. Nice! Now if I can just bring myself to board a plane to get there. I sure wish there I could drive to it (Regardless of mileage). Planes and I just don’t get along (Vertigo). lol

  2. A thought… I would have bought the domain “” and branded the conference in a subdomain such as doesn’t seem to be an appealing domain name for a conference about branding!

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