Donuts Banters with Rick Schwartz About Rick.TV

Earlier today, Donuts launched its long-advertised sale of new gTLD domain names from its internally-held portfolio. I found a humorous Twitter thread started by the Donuts Twitter account that was created for this sale campaign mentioning Rick Schwartz and his selection of for his video blog.

Knowing what I know about Rick and his tendency to call things as he sees them, this is quite bold of Donuts, and I am looking forward to seeing if Rick responds. As of the time of publication, Rick has not responded to the tweet. He tends to be an early morning tweeter, so we shall see what the morning brings.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Love Donuts for this.

    Rick doesn’t just speak his mind, he’s a bully who tries to silence those with differing opinions. All to protect his self interest in 6500 (many marginal) .coms?

    He also doesn’t always do what he says – his $200k purchase of got many people to follow him and lose $. He later sold for ~$6k a huge loss and not smart business.

    For all the domainers he criticizes for making foolish investments I don’t think any of them will throw away almost $200k on a single domain name!

    Then he buys up a whole bunch of .co’s. Now bashing those as well. After bashing anything not .com, he launches his new site on – enough already.

    More people should call him out on the hypocrisy.

      • Nope, the obsessive ones are on namepros right now writing how donuts is pathetic for trying to talk to person. Like he’s a god and can’t be spoken to. Somehow, sparking some conversation / debate is ‘pathetic’? Guess what, simply BLOCK. Instead yall going around saying lies like donuts has 0 marketing budget etc. You and those ones are the actual ones looking like the obsessive fools.

        You in particular, you make simple posts day in an day out, no thought, nothing interesting. Just the same baby whining and complaining, little to no ACTUAL value to add. Get off on little baby provoking, just like your post here…saying obession, why would you say that…GROW A PAIR, EXPLAIN? I see nothing obsessive about the post above. Am I missing something?

        Nothing wrong with what donuts tweeted. That’s what TWITTERS FOR! I know yall would just love for nTLD to die but sorry, NOT HAPPENING.

    • Spot on Matt. Let’s not forget his .apps. I am a firm believer in nTLD. I never once spoke to rick directly, I have a few tweets of my own promoting ntld. He never contacted me, yet I’m blocked 🙂 That’s fine, I have lots of people I disagree with that blocked too, can’t TOO much of a point of view that I don’t agree with. I just happen to think he’s holding on strong to those marginal .coms and expecting too much while market share leaves the .com.

      He does have a lot of good .coms, those best ones will retain value, but the nTLD are going to be where the new money flows…It’s a shame him and so many that follow him are going to miss the boat.

      I even like the guy, and have no problem with pumping .com. It’s the total disregard and trashing nTLD that is going to bite em all in the @ss. He’s making a big gamble with how people view him as he acts like a .com propaganda machine while the table turns here.

        • I don’t own any .app, never one. Changing the subject? It always happens on namepros too, and other blogs like domain news network, where they will coddle you and restrict me from standing up against your ignorance and arrogance.

          I WRECK trolls like you, get reported and banned. Better stick to blogs where i’m not allowed. How about my question?

        • You started talking about .app and that you are a firm believer in ntlds. If you have no .app’s perhaps you can tell us how much profit have you make from ntlds?

          No need to talk about how you like to “wreck” people when asked a question.

          Lastly, regarding the word “obsession” that you asked about above, yes Matt is obsessed with Rick Schwartz.

        • Site wont let me reply to you in sequence, so just imagine this is directed at the post below.

          First learn to read. It’s Rick. S that bought the .apps not me. Details matter.

          I know you said obsessed, but me (and presumably everyone else reading this) DOESN’T see how you justify that with what was posted? Now, if hes been bringing ricks name up a lot in the past, your statement may hold water. That’s what im asking you, understand? Again, I don’t see him as “obsessive” here, so WHERE has he been obsessive?

        • And uh, Snoopy. Is Elliot obsessed too? He’s the one that posted about Rick. It’s the topic here, you know? It’s allowed, to talk about other people. This is the place to do it, right now, right?

        • Its obsessive because you and Matt have been following him around for months with with your nyc usernames and nonsense.

        • 100% done with you here. Total lie. I watched like 3 of his videos a few months ago on twitter. I don’t follow him around at all, never have. Seen a few tweets in passing is all. I don’t use any alias as you claim. I won’t argue with a slanderous dolt, have fun being demented.

          PS: would never tell you any of my sales no matter what it meant to my credibility.

        • Yep, you have “Seen a few tweets in passing is all.” and then magically he has blocked you on Twitter.

          No way are you Matt’s .nyc buddy.

        • Just want to say one last thing actually, so you don’t get to far deep in with the wrong person. Being obsessed and ‘stalking’, which is what you are suggesting while saying we use alias to mess with him is illegal. Accusing people of illegal things that isn’t true DOES HAPPEN to be illegal to. Just saying.

        • Blah blah blah….you started rambling on about him blocking you on twitter of your own accord, supposedly for a posts you “viewed” which is impossible.

          Pretty obvious who you are. Same old tired defence of Matt as well.

        • No one should trust Snoopy EVER, IMO. He seems like a paid troll, obviously his intelligence aligns with one.

          I don’t know Matt at all. I don’t know him from anyplace other than right here on this post. I wouldn’t know Matt from Adam ANYWHERE.

          It’s so impossible to talk with him because he just makes this stuff up. That’s what paid SHILLS do. He’s like Nancy Pelosi here. Smiling and laughing about how ‘we run smear campaigns then report to the media, then the media reports it, then it’s true.’

          Watch yourself around these people, would bet he sides with democrats ATM…sure follows their playbook.

  2. Dear Jeff Bezos,
    If TWITCH.TV doesnt work out for you, you can relaunch . or Twitch.HORSE … yeah right donuts you fools. .GTLDS are crap.

  3. Wonder why he didn’t use Doesn’t he realize he will lose all those leaked clicks and emails to confused idiots who can’t figure out where to put the dot? taken? He could go with Oh here’s a good one,

    Seriously, when you take off the domainer hat and think like an end user, you want the shortest/best name you can get depending on your budget and availability.

    That’s why the total registration number of gtlds doesn’t drive their value. The usable/desirable namespace isn’t that large. As end users continue to trickle in, the values will continue to increase.

    Or, Rick will buy the internet and turn it off until the uncircumcised gtlders are driven from the face of the net. Either one.

    • Right William. Each single nTLD MIGHT have 100 good names. Those names could turn out to be VERY valuable. It’s NOT the volume that’s important, it’s the QUALITY OF THE NAME (where have we heard THAT one from?).

      Some just happen to view those few gems as the QUALITY with potential VALUE of an INDIVIDUAL DOMAIN <- all you need care about unless you own the registry.

      Now, aren't they being hypocrites pulling out number of domains as indication…here, lets apply that that METRIC: Rick ONLY has 6500! Using his argument, MANY domainers are doing WAY better than him.

      But they own SHIT, just like 100 million .coms are garbage too. YOU LOOK AT THE INDIVIDUAL names if you really are a domainer! REST IS NOISE.

  4. Nice to see a little support out here. Thanks for the +1s.

    Snoopy I don’t know who Jay is, but he is right that Schwartz tries to silence those who have a different opinion even if they aren’t attacking or challenging him.

    Maybe this is the educator in me but the two things I really detest are bullies and hypocrisy. We all have self interests, we all want to make a little $ in this game, but twisting facts and evidence is something else that I have a huge problem with when the other person must know that they are spreading BS.

    As for who is obsessed, seems like Schwartz has a crush on me, take a look at his game of instigate and then run away in the comments section here:

    He’s such a domainer snowflake.

    • Right, he blocked me over probably practically nothing. It’s just the propaganda. He can’t have pro nTLD guys posting on his twitter, that would give his beloved ‘.com’ as poor image. Instead of talk, throwing facts and reasoning in his face, he blocked me. Can’t handle some truth.

      No one can see what I have to say to him now, that’s fine. I never really cared, wouldn’t of bothered him. I know he’s a stubborn bully, and don’t want to get in any pissing match, cuz he’s an old man with a lifetime of experience and accomplishment, which I respect. HOWEVER, I am able to point SOME things out. He’s just blocking it out, no one can see as a result.

      Now we ask, why are we talking about him on blogs? Because just like twitter itself SILENCES their oposing views, blocking them from the stream, as does he. And he’s entitled to. He’s scared, I think. He must be beginning to realize nTLD aren’t going away and deciding to close up his little ‘box’, which is why he left namecons etc. Just doesn’t like to hear it. Ok.

  5. Enough already. The immutable facts are:

    Rick saw what very few others saw.

    Rick understood what very few others understood.

    Rick bought what very few others were willing to buy.

    And because he did, he became a very rich man.

    Something that no ntlds investor will ever be able to match.


    These ntlds are — and will always be — pure, unadulterated junk.

    Dotcom is king, and no other tlds are even in the castle.

  6. @Jay – Rick is a snowflake! He tries punching and then runs away. I just noticed he has some other tweet he just launched about .NYC, he has no clue.

    @Steve – He did very well for himself. He saw an opportunity and took it. Many would argue that he should have taken more. He was the right age, right skillset, had some $ to invest, made a couple of very good early sales that put him in a position to decline good (but not great) offers until the best use case came along and paid too dollar.

    Personally, I would partially credit Rick’s early advice about being patient for a fairly recent .com sale ($10buy 15 years ago to $25k sale). So I credit him with some of that. However that was all before his, bullying, blocking, snowflake days.

    Oh and gTLDs aren’t going anywhere, except on more business cards, flyers, banners, billboards, storefronts, vans, trucks, TVs, radio ads etc… I know because I’m seeing it.


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