Dave Evanson Brokers Sale of Kush.com for $500,000

Sedo broker Dave Evanson announced that he successfully brokered the sale of the Kush.com domain name for $500,000. Dave announced the sale this afternoon via Twitter:

According to Wikipedia, “Kush is a strain of Cannabis indica.” Kush is a popular term in the marijuana trade, and I think the sale price reflects that popularity.

I don’t always know what the asking price of a domain name was before it sells, but in this case I do: $3 million. An article in Merry Jane published in October of 2017 discussed the value of Kush.com. It appears that Dave reached out to the publication (or someone associated with the publication) and offered the domain name for sale. When he was asked the price, Dave reportedly responded,Right now the asking price is $3,000,000 but there could be flexibility.”

There was some ensuing discussion about the value of the domain name, and someone in the marijuana and SEO business indicated that he might pay between $100,000 – $250,000 to buy the domain name. Interestingly, Mike Mann, founder of DomainMarket.com and one of the foremost authorities on domain names and domain name valuations pegged it right from the start:

“The sellers will be happy as shit if you give them $500,000 and that will be a good deal for you, good for everybody,” the internet entrepreneur said when asked how much he thinks Kush.com is worth. “I’m just guessing, there’s no other way to know, but I’m the most qualified person in the world… I’ve done more [domain] transactions than anybody, so my opinion holds a lot of weight.”

The $500,000 sale of Kush.com will tie for 12th place in DNJournal’s sales report for 2018 (publicly reported domain name sales). Other half million dollar sales include Tokens.com, Q.org, Dax.com, and Home.Loans.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Very interesting Elliot…I was talking with Mike Kugler earlier today about his 2018 500K domain Vacation.Rentalsâ„¢, and it’s ranking on Google when you search on “vacation rentals” without the dot. Much to the chagrin of many domain investors (not into nTLD’s), his domain is showing up on the first page of Google as is Blake Janover’s 500K domain Home.Loansâ„¢.when you search on “home loans” without the dot.

    On another note, and I hope Dave Evanson is reading this because I own some other pretty good domains in the marijuana/cannabis industry that have HUGE potential, but not quite as huge as Kush .com. Congrats Dave, it’s really a shame your company is named Sedo that absolutely NONE of the “end users” that I deal with have ever heard of. Ever thought of changing your name to something like DaddyoDomains or DomainGourmetâ„¢? It could help sales? I use to own a Seadoo jet ski, don’t people get confused? Congrats again Dave for a job well done.


    • I don’t really agree.

      Not only was it on the market for a year plus, but the sale listing also received industry publicity.

      • I hear you Elliot, but LOLA.com sold for 550k last year, and KUSH.com is a stronger LLLL.com and then some…
        It did sell to soon and just 2 things come to mind without diving deeper:
        -Canada just legalized the use of recreational cannabis not that long ago;
        -Legal Marijuana Market Worth $150 Billion by 2025;

        Also curious why price something at 3 million then drop it to 1.7mil then sell it for 500k???
        Sounds silly to me….

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