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Spend.com Sold via Sedo for $275,000


Dave Evanson is going to be having a great Thanksgiving. According to a tweet he just posted this morning, he brokered the sale of Spend.com for $275,000:

The Whois record shows that the domain name is currently in Sedo's escrow account. This likely means that the buyer already sent the funds to Sedo and the domain name is pending transfer to the buyer. Once the domain name transfers, I will provide an update on who bought it (assuming it was an end user buyer). There are quite a few companies that would benefit by upgrading their domain name to Spend.com. The domain name had been owned by a company based in the UK.

Unless there are additional large sales reported this week that I am not aware of right now, Spend.com will rank as the 16th largest sale of the year on DNJournal's year to date sales report. It will tie the $275,000 sale of WMP.com, which also sold via Sedo. → Read More

Did Print.com Sell via Sedo?


According to the DomainTools domain registrant email I receive every morning, it looks like the Print.com domain name was briefly registered to Sedo's Transfer Service. This would indicate to me that the domain name was sold and is in escrow with Sedo.

When I checked the Whois information this morning, the domain name is now registered to an entity in the Netherlands. Prior to this, Print.com was registered to a California-based entity, according to DomainTools Whois history tool. Sedo's sold domain name RSS feed does not list Print.com. As of this morning, Print.com does not resolve to an active website, so I am unsure about how it will be used.

I reached out to several contacts at Sedo to see if they could confirm the sale, and if so, share any details about the sale. Dave Evanson, Sr. Domain Broker at Sedo, replied to me and said he was unable to comment about the domain name. I searched my email records, and I do not see any emails from Sedo mentioning the domain name, so if the company was involved in the deal, it may have → Read More

Sedo’s May Great Domains Auction: ” The Future Edition”


Sedo LogoSedo is hosting a special auction for next month's Great Domains monthly auction. The auction is billed as Great Domains + The Future Edition. According to a press release distributed by Sedo yesterday, this auction will offer "a look into the domain market future."

When I saw the company's announcement on Twitter, I reached out  to get more information about the May auction. Christian Voss, Chief Marketing Officer at Sedo, shared this with me:

"GreatDomains are Sedo's signature auctions and our May event is going to be an enhanced version with a glimpse to the future. We're excited to extend this opportunity for our Registry partners to feature exclusive Premium names attracting new potential buyers and expanding the focus beyond .com names. New gTLD names will have success in GreatDomains auctions as .com names have had."

The auction is being held in conjunction with the WHD/NamesCon India events. The auction will (more…) → Read More

Dave Evanson Brokers $375k Sale of Broker.com


Broker.com has been sold and is now  in escrow at Sedo, according to the most recent Whois registration details at DomainTools:

Broker.com Whois

According to a tweet this morning from Sedo broker Dave Evanson, the domain name was brokered by him  for $375,000. The buyer of the domain name is unknown since the domain name is in an escrow account and the landing page forwards to a broker service page within Sedo's website.

I looked through my email records, and it looks like Dave (more…) → Read More

Dave Evanson: Circa.com Sold for $150k


According to a tweet this afternoon from Sedo domain broker Dave Evanson, Circa.com has sold for $150,000.

At the present time, it does not (more…) → Read More

Give.com Sells via Sedo (Updated)


It appears that Give.com has sold via Sedo. According to Whois records, the current domain registrant of Give.com is Sedo LLC Transfer Service, which is generally the account domain names are placed in during the sales escrow process. Update:  According to a tweet from Sedo broker Dave Evanson, he brokered Give.com in a $500,000 deal.

I looked through my email, and I saw that Dave Evanson was recently brokering Give.com. In fact, Dave listed Give.com for sale for $800,000 via the Weekly Brokerage Listings article in June.

I reached out to Dave to see if he could share any information about the sale, and he confirmed that the domain name has been sold. Dave told me, "At this point I am able only to confirm I have been brokering give.com and the domain is currently in the process of being transferred. I will provide updates as appropriate. Thanks."

Prior to Give.com moving to the Sedo escrow account, the domain name was (more…) → Read More

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