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Late last week, I wrote about the sale of, a domain name that was acquired by a crypto-based credit card company called Monaco, which is rebranding as I have been tracking quite a few exceptional domain names that would appeal to cryptocurrency companies, and I can exclusively report the sale of the domain name.

According to Whois records, is currently registered to IP attorney Stevan Lieberman. The domain name had previously been registered to Stacks Bowers, a company that conducts auctions of rare coins and currency. I contacted both the new registrant via the contact form as well as Stevan, and both confirmed the domain name was sold and is currently in escrow via Escrow.Domains, a secondary site of Greenberg & Lieberman.

The new registrant of is Adam Perzow, who was previously associated with Adam is one of two co-founders of MD Insider, Inc., a machine learning data company in the healthcare sector. He also previously sold his domain,, in late 2014 to Singulariteam, a private equity group based out of Israel.

I reached out to Stacks Bowers to see if they could offer a comment about the sale of with no reply.

From what I understand, the acquisition of was made as an investment due to the branding potential of as a global consumer brand for the cryptocurrency space. Adam told me via email that “with the right strategic partner and scale, the value of the brand can be unlocked and realized globally alongside trusted sources like Coinbase.” The buyer is “seeking to position in a joint venture capacity with a major group (i.e. top digital asset exchange or platform in the cryptocurrency space, or traditional stock exchange or IBANK like Nasdaq, Deutsche Bourse or Goldman Sachs).

Adam mentioned that since acquiring, he has been contacted by quite a few of the larger crypto-companies and exchanges who have either tried to buy or have proposed other types of deals. I was told that the domain name is not for sale, and is only bring positioned with a major joint venture in mind, despite receiving offers of “almost $10 mm from existing crypto players.”

Adam would not share the purchase price or terms of the deal with me, although he did confirm that it was a seven figure deal. Based on the fact that the domain name is still in escrow, my guess is that the deal involves a payment plan.

As you may recall, sold earlier this year for an undisclosed sum, and sold to a group called Polymath. I would imagine has a larger appeal to a wider audience, and the purchase price likely reflected that.

I will keep an eye on, and if I hear of a partnership or even a sale of the domain name, I will share an update.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “I was told that the domain name is not for sale, and is only bring positioned with a major joint venture in mind, despite receiving offers of “almost $10 mm from existing crypto players.”

    That is all you need to know about the sales price.

  2. Good name but have severe doubts about the offers claimed. Not sure it is an obvious choice (in plural) that would have people throwing money.

  3. The domain world is definitely mooning again! could absolutely hold many real-world partnerships with some of the already most dominating crypto players and businesses. The name “coins” alone carries so much SEO and searchability for the day one to expert crypto user. I could see this going for 8 figures easily.

  4. This is the absolute ultimate name for a “mass market” brokerage, digital currency exchange or platform for the entire industry. I’m thinking “” level mass appeal. also a very interesting name, seemingly more speculative and less mass market. Both are very strong. Very curious to hear people’s thoughts…

  5. Until now, mass market with coin names meant owning 20 washing machines.

    Imagine a laundrymat that accepts Bitcoin, price goes up you get an extra rinse cycle, price drops, the dryer shuts off early.

  6. Very interesting – does this mean that ‘crypto’ is evolving out of the early adopter stage? It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes. Question is which are going to be ‘The Brand’

    Coke v. Pepsi
    Nike v. Reebok
    Amex v. Visa/MC
    Chase v. Citi

    This is going to be fun!

  7. When you really look at the crypto currency and utility token space there is really very few known mainstream consumer brands other than ‘bitcoin’ and perhaps ‘coinbase’. While ‘crypto’ is right on the nose for current crypto investors and speculators, ‘coins’ could really go after Joe consumer if positioned correctly. Could possibly be valued higher than

  8. Personally, I would buy before is more generic and broad based.

    The average person would trust more than IMO.

    • Has anyone even thought of the negative connotations associated with the word Crypto? In my opinion, having a foundation in codes and and a meaning of being secretive, does nothing to build security in financial transactions.

      Ask any banking or financial services professional what is most important in building a brand and they will say safety and security.

      I think is the long term winner here.

  9. Great purchase even if I have never been a fan of coins to talk about cryptocurrencies because for me it lets more think about “fiat coins”.

    PS: I still have (blockchain) and (altcoins) for sale.

  10. I guess the Crypto market is stabilizing.

    I had a nice sale of a Block .com domain (via a broker) today with funds in escrow.

    • currently aside from cryptocurrencies, digital coins can “currently” be used in many other mainstream ways:

      1. Amazon coins:

      2. bumble app coins:

      every game app i ever use online has in app currency called “coins” and “buy coins” is a far superir name for the simple reason that coins are mainstream, and they can mint their own coins on platform….they are a currency. “coins”

      mainstream, simple, trustworthy, brand…this is what equates to billion dollar value. is a 9 figure domain in that respect (and a billion dollar brand in the right positioning)

    • Agree with Mark.

      Also…Cointelegraph is another big one seems to me like the bridge between the pure crypto world on the one hand, and the real life average person on the other. online digital currency in it’s variety of forms IS (a very valuable mainstream brand) , and cryptocurrency with genuine decentalization IS (a very valuable but fringe brand).

      the word crypto also comes with risk in that it may fall out of favor as a used term whereas has ammunity to this issue and may be the common word used.

      any thougths on this anyone ?

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