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James Fenwick Retains After UDRP


I recently reported that the 1996-registered domain name was the subject of a UDRP proceeding. Of note, the domain name appeared to be owned by the same person, James Fenwick, for many years. It was surprising to see a UDRP filed against a domain name with those circumstances.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw that the status of the UDRP had been changed to "Terminated." A Whois search showed me that the domain name was still owned by the same registrant as before, so it did not appear that the owner lost or sold the domain name. I reached out to Mr. Fenwick to see what happened with the UDRP and find out if he was able to reach a deal with the complainant. Mr. Fenwick was kind enough to reply and share an update that he  allowed me to share publicly:

"I retained Stevan Lieberman who successfully assisted in showing that my right to the domain name extended over the past twenty-one years.

Given the evidence the complainant decided to withdraw. And no, I did not sell the domain name even though a purchase was offered by → Read More

AP Legal Launches


I think Stevan Lieberman is one of the top  domain name attorneys, especially when it comes to recovering stolen domain names. Steven published  an article about how to recover a stolen domain name, and I understand he has helped domain owners recover their stolen domain names.

I was chatting on the phone with Stevan this morning, and I learned his law firm (AP Legal) just launched to help educate people about the scourge of domain theft. The website also serves as a lead generation tool for people who need help recovering their domain names from a thief or domain hijacker.

"We just put up as a simple clear website offering to help those who have lost their domain names through theft," Stevan told me. "When a domain name has been stolen that company's website and emails go down thus essentially, in one fell swoop pulling the business down. Although it has taken some time for the law to come up to speed on this issue, Greenberg & Lieberman (G&L) has been very successful at retrieving stolen → Read More

Greenberg & Lieberman Scores RDNH Finding


Stevan Lieberman of Greenberg & Lieberman scored a reverse domain name hijacking decision in the UDRP case. The case was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the decision was published online this morning. The owner of is Warren Weitzman of Caramba LLC.

In the response to the UDRP, Greenberg & Lieberman listed 16 contentions to the UDRP. Three  of those contentions include the following summarized points:

  • China ready is a descriptive term

  • The domain name owner has been using the domain name for PPC advertising, which is a legitimate business model

  • Dictionary terms and common phrases can be used by domain name owners

In addition to these contentions, the respondent also listed a (more…) → Read More