Uniregistry to Registrants: Configuration Error in Your Favor

I recently received an email from an upset domain investor who had at least one new gTLD domain name removed from his account after payment was already submitted. There was apparently an error that occurred somewhere along the line, and he was unable to keep the domain name(s). I’ve also read about this happening to others. It seems that when a registry or registrar makes an error, the error is corrected by way of refunding the registrant and pulling the domain name back.

According to an email that was sent to domain registrars, this is not the case with Uniregistry. As a result of a “configuration error at the registry,” domain names that were registered by registrants when they should not have been able to be registered will be retained by the current owners. Instead of refunding the buyers as they would be permitted in the terms and conditions, the company is letting its registrant keep these domain names that would have been reserved and sold for a premium price.

Some of the domain names that would have been retained by Uniregistry include the following:

.Country Could Get Boost from Academy of Country Music

Yesterday afternoon, Susan Lawrence of Minds & Machines shared some news that could provide a boost for the new .Country domain names. According to an article that was published on MusicRow, the .Country new gTLD extension has some early adopters that might help drive awareness of the new .Country domain names. Awareness is a critical aspect in generating new registrations of the domain names.

In the article, it was mentioned that some of the early adopters of .Country domain names are

Amazon Now Using Amazon.BlackFriday

As Frank Schilling announced via Twitter this afternoon, Amazon is now using the Amazon.BlackFriday domain name.  .BlackFriday is a new gTLD extension that is operated by Uniregistry.

The company is not using it as a standalone website, but they are forwarding the domain name to a 2014 Black Friday deals landing page within the Amazon.com website. I would not be surprised if the company is using Amazon.BlackFriday in marketing materials.

Some people might pooh pooh the fact that

Uniregistry Now Accepting Topcoin

According to a tweet from Uniregistry founder Frank Schilling, Uniregistry is now accepting Topcoin to pay for domain registrations across all extensions. By the end of the day today, Topcoin can also be used for inbound domain transfers and renewals across all extensions. I was told company will soon accept the cryptocurrency to pay for premium domain names offered by the registry, such as registry reserved .Link, .Help, .Property and other domain names.

I was told “Uniregistry customers receive 50% of their purchase in topcoin at no additional charge when they buy, transfer or renew a domain name. They can redeem 20-35% of registration, transfer or renewal purchases in Topcoin. Early in the new year you will be able to redeem up to 100% of premium domain name purchases in Topcoin.

Topcoin (TPC) is a cryptocurrency that

.Click to Launch Without Registry Reserved Domain Names

Uniregistry is set to launch the .Click new gTLD domain extension on November 25, and unlike most other new domain extensions, the only reserved domain names will be those on the ICANN APD block list. Aside from the nearly 8,000 strings prohibited from being registered by ICANN, everything will be available to the public on a first come, first served basis. I understand that the vast majority of the 8,000 registry reserve names have no commercial value, but are reserved for technical reasons, so there should be plenty of top keyword domain names available to register from the outset.

According to Uniregistry founder and CEO Frank Schilling, North Sound Domains will not be competing with other domain registrants for .Click domain names when they become available to purchase. He did tell me  that “about 4 weeks after launch we have a large list of premiums that we may or may not register as registry assets for the future.” Since .Click domain names will be available to the first registrants to buy them, there will not be registry / registrar auctions for .Click domain names.

Uniregistry is banking on

Easily Delete Unregistered Domain Names from DNS Account

I use Domain Name Sales as a domain name lead management tool, in addition to the parking platform. One issue I run into is deleting domain names from my account after they expire. With all the marketing emails from my registrars, I don’t know exactly when they expire, and I don’t generally track my expired names as closely as I should.

If I do not delete the expired domain names from my account, they will still be syndicated for sale on the DNS platform and partners like DomainTools. One concern I have is that I could accidentally sell a domain name that I no longer own. It’s a good practice to double check the Whois before negotiating, but that wouldn’t be applicable for domain names that have BIN prices, and checking the Whois on a domain name is one of those things that can be overlooked in the excitement of negotiating a deal.

This morning, I found  a pretty easy solution to the issue, and it

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