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Want to Work for a Domain Company?

I love working for myself, but I know some people would either prefer to work for a large company because of the steady income and career opportunities. Chef Patrick Ruddell recently went to work for Moniker, and there are a number of other individuals who made the transition from self-employed to corporate.

Here are a few job openings I saw at leading domain-related entities in case you are interested:

NameMediaSenior QA Automation EngineerNamemedia is looking for QA Automation star to assist in delivering high-quality, high-visibility, high-traffic customer facing web sites and company-internal web applications. The successful candidate will have a passion for designing, building and executing automated tests against Java and Web applications.

SedoSales ConsultantAs a Sales Consultant in our London office, you are responsible for driving new business in our expanding UK market across all critical product areas while establishing high-level relationships with key decision makers and ensuring both growth and long term client satisfaction.   Successful candidates will have a demonstrated ability to drive new business, develop and leverage a strong client network, and deliver repeatable and consistent business offerings with a focus on quality, creativity, and integrity.

SedoAssociate Account ManagerWe’re looking for a motivated individual interested in the online-advertising industry for our office. This starting position within Sedo’s UK sales division will teach you about all of our products and services (domain-marketing, domain sales, etc.) and key clients groups as well as develop your sales abilities. As part of Sedo’s dynamic UK office, you will assist us to ensure the retention and maximum satisfaction of our client base through a mixture of account management and sales tasks.

Oversee.netPortfolio Account ManagerJoin Oversee.net as the Portfolio Account Manager for the Domain Management operations team. This position will be working with a group of diverse, energetic, and motivated members who encourage team collaboration. This position involves responding to customer inquiries primarily via email correspondence as well as assisting the team in managing internal domain portfolios. This is a great opportunity for an individual to learn more about the domain name industry.

Oversee.netAccount Manager Emerging BusinessesAs an Oversee Emerging Business Account Manager you will be responsible for growing and managing marketing partnerships, primarily for our airport parking reservations web business, aboutairportparking.com. Oversee has a major presence in online travel services with its lowfares.com web site, and seeks to expand its online travel business by leading specific niches like airport parking. This experienced, eager Account Manager skilled at closing new partners and growing and managing existing ones will play a critical role in growing the revenue of the Emerging Business group at Oversee.

Oversee.netSearch Engine Marketing Specialist – Emerging BusinessesOversee.net’s Emerging Businesses division has an immediate need for a motivated, creative and analytic thinker with excellent communication and leadership skills to join the paid search marketing team. Oversee.net’s Emerging Businesses division has the proven ability to leverage core competencies in bid optimization, landing page design and to monetize high volumes of traffic into quality leads for a network of advertising partners. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company’s core brands include LowFares.com, Degrees.com and IdentityTheft.com.

MonikerSales & Marketing Lead Generation SpecialistMoniker Online Services, LLC (www.moniker.com) is a leading provider of domain name registrations, auctions, appraisals and brokerage services for individuals and businesses that wish to have a unique address and branded identity on the Internet. The Sales & Marketing team is looking for a high energy and tech savvy individual to assist in developing lead generation and marketing programs to sell the company’s products and services – primarily focusing on premium domain name sales.

Domain SponsorSoftware Development ManagerOversee is looking for a talented and passionate individual to help bring our Domain Sponsor product to the next level. We are currently looking for a Software Development Manager to lead our core Monetization team which serves millions of page views a day. This is a critical position with big responsibilities and high visibility. The position requires a strong individual with demonstrated leadership ability that enjoys taking on big challenges that directly affect the company’s results.

Domain SponsorSoftware Development ManagerOversee is looking for a talented and passionate individual to help bring our Domain Sponsor product to the next level. We are currently looking for a Software Development Manager to lead our core Monetization team which serves millions of page views a day. This is a critical position with big responsibilities and high visibility. The position requires a strong individual with demonstrated leadership ability that enjoys taking on big challenges that directly affect the company’s results.

Domain SponsorSenior Data ArchitectWe are currently looking for an architect to identify and lead a comprehensive data strategy across our organization and design and build a scalable, extensible, and operable data infrastructure.

eNomSenior Director, Sales and SupportManage a team of over 40 Sales Representatives and Technical Support Representatives…etc.

Thought ConvergenceDatabase AdministratorThe ideal candidate will be a strategic thinking self-starter with a passion for technical problem solving. Strong candidates will have a solid understanding of the issues surrounding large-volume websites and scalability.

Thought ConvergenceSr. User Experience DeveloperIf you enjoy taking client user interfaces to the next level, are driven by the challenge of defining and maintaining long-term strategies, and want to contribute new and unique ideas to the UI design of rich Internet applications, this position may be perfect for you!

GodaddyKeyword Search AnalystThe Keyword Search Analyst is responsible for researching and compiling a list of keywords that target specific industries. This position requires the ability to write copy based on the top keywords within the category.

GodaddySocial Media DirectorThe Social Media/Communications Director oversees aspects of internal and external communications for the organization. Part of this responsibility is managing the Social Media department and maintaining a cohesive corporate message thru the various Social Media platforms.

GodaddyProduct Manager (Domain Monetization)The Domain Monetization Product Manager oversees Go Daddy’s domain monetization product line, including the domain parking platform. This person will develop and manage cutting-edge monetization solutions for domain names, and will be responsible for the vision and execution of Go Daddy’s domain monetization strategy.

Name.comUser Interface (UI) DesignerAt Name.com we want to put a greater emphasis on the usability of our tools and services. By focusing on the user, we believe the rest will fall into place. We’re looking for a UI Designer to help drive the design process for new Name.com products and features. As a UI Designer, you will work closely with our development team and company leadership throughout all stages of the product cycle. If you’re a critical thinker with a good design sense, a strong technical background, and an eye for making things better we want to talk to you. This is a full-time salaried position.

TucowsAssociate DeveloperWe’re looking for people that love to program.
This position is for a temporary full-time software engineer (for 3-6 months) that will design, code and test projects and enhancements within a small Agile team. Maintenance and testing of the products is expected, as well as tight collaboration with other developers, QA, product managers and other various members of the team.

Thoughts on the e.CO Auction

I know there is an active discussion about the e.CO auction happening on Mike’s Blog and TechCrunch, but I want to share my thoughts on it because I have a unique perspective. It was reported that B52 and its CEO Lonnie Borck won the domain name for $81,000. Lonnie is one of my closest colleagues in this industry as well as a good friend outside of the business, and I was with him at the auction and after.

In my opinion, this was a very strong speculative acquisition. The .CO registry and it’s registrar partners are spending a lot of money on marketing the extension to ensure consumers know about it. .CO makes total sense for companies to use, and in fact, many companies use similar extensions in other countries – think .CO.UK and .CO.IL. I already gave some of my thoughts on .CO.

With the news that Twitter will be integrating T.CO into its system as the preferred URL shortener, and that there are many applications for the .CO Founder’s Program as well as already awarded domain names (Angel.co and Disrupt.co as examples), I think .CO is going to be big. As a one character domain name in this extension, E.CO will be worth much more than the purchase price assuming things play out like we believe they will, although Lonnie’s team acquired this domain name for a specific reason and may not be inclined to sell it.

I want to address a couple of comments made about Lonnie in the two aforementioned articles.

1) Regarding the charity being kept private: Lonnie is a fiercely private person, and he does not wish to disclose the charity recipient(s) publicly. Some people like to flaunt who they support and by how much, but that’s not Lonnie’s way to do things.

2) Regarding Lonnie’s smarts in this space: Keep in mind this public information – his company sold Scores.com for $1,200,000, owns Funding.com, Bookmarks.com, Shock.com, Winter.com, Camera.net, and Baby.net. He also owns a number of other considerable domain names that aren’t publicly known.

I think the acquisition of E.CO was a shrewd investment, and the charitable organization(s) that will benefit will certainly be very appreciative.

e.CO Charity Auction Predictions

As you are probably well aware, e.CO is currently in auction at Sedo, with the proceeds being donated to a charity of the winning bidder’s choice. The auction concludes on Thursday afternoon at 4pm EST, with online bidding as well as simultaneous live auctions in New York, Chicago, and Vancouver. This aspect of the auction is certainly going to be very interesting.

With a little over one day to go, the e.CO auction has reached a high bid of $32,000, but I predict the result will end much higher.   I think this could go well past $100,000 but if I was a betting person (which I am), my bet would be that it ends at $125,000.

I am curious to know what you think the final sales price will be. Please vote below:

COme to the e.CO Party in NYC


As I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, Sedo has teamed up with the .CO Registry and together they will be auctioning off the premium, one letter domain name e.CO, with the proceeds from this auction going to the charity of the winning bidder’s choice. The final live auction for this domain name will be held on June 10th at 4pm in New York City, at the conclusion of Internet Week.

To help celebrate the auction and encourage bidding, the .CO registry will be hosting a fun event, “COcktails & e.CO! LIVE Auction Finale” at the Soho Grand Hotel, Harbor Room in New York City (310 West Broadway) at 2pm on Thursday, June 10th. Of course, you can also bid for e.CO online.

If you live in the area and would like to attend, please register for the event online (you MUST register before). It’s free to attend, and I am sure there will be plenty of domain investors and other Internet entrepreneurs in the crowd. Have a drink, meet other people in the space, and introduce yourself to the representatives of the .CO Registry to ask any questions.

One Thing That Bothers Me About Sedo – Seller’s Listing Price



A few years ago, I made an offer on a domain name on Sedo for something like $1,000, and the owner counter offered at over $50,000. I immediately hit the cancel negotiations button knowing the difference was too great of a gap to overcome. A few moments after confirming the cancellation, I received an email from Sedo congratulating me on buying the domain name, and for the next few days I frantically did what I could to make sure the sale wasn’t enforced.

As a result of this, up until recently, I haven’t bid on many domain names using Sedo. On top of the problem I faced, I just don’t like the process of using a company to negotiate with a domain owner on my behalf, and I usually sell my inventory of domain names so quickly, it doesn’t make sense to put them up for sale on a platform like Sedo, as I would then have to take them down when they sell.

Over the past couple of months, I have been using Sedo more often to make offers on domain names. One thing that really aggravates me is the the Seller’s Listing Price. If a seller has a listing price, I should be able to buy it right away if I offer that price. The sale should be completed rather than starting a negotiation if I give the seller what he wants. I made an offer on a name that matched the listing price, and I still haven’t heard back. IMO, there should be a Buy It Now button if you don’t make an offer that is lower than the asking price.

My second issue is probably more of an error but I don’t use Sedo enough to know if it’s a one time error or something that happens more frequently.   There was a name on Sedo with a Listing Price of $375, and I tried to buy it for $375. For some reason after placing my bid, I got an error message saying the minimum bid is $1,500. I understand that this may have been a mistake, but I don’t know how Sedo’s system didn’t catch the error, as it shouldn’t allow someone to set an asking price lower than the minimum bid they would accept.

I wanted to share a couple of thoughts about Sedo as I have been using their system more frequently.

Sedo Nominated for Bridging the Gap Between Domain Owners & Trademark Interests


SedoOftentimes, trademark holders and domain owners or investors have opposing viewpoints on domain ownership. Both parties frequently feel that they have the right to specific domain names, and the battles to get them can either be fought through a mediation-esque procedure like UDRP or through the legal system.

Recently, Sedo along with Google, Yahoo, Overstock.com and Research In Motion were nominated for a 2010 World Trademark Review (WTR) Industry Award for Internet & Online Services in the category of Legal Team of the Year. According to the press release I received, Sedo was nominated “for its ability to educate and counsel businesses on how to protect their own intellectual property (IP) rights and expand their brands online.

Sedo has been in the middle of many high profile public domain sales, and they have also acted as the broker for a significant amount of private domain sales that will never be reported. Many of these sales are made between trademark interests and domain owners, and the company is able to work out a fair agreement between differing philosophical opinions on domain ownership rights.

There are many groups that work for and with trademark interests, and some seem to prefer to bully and battle domain owners rather than work together with them. Sedo seems to be bridging the gap between trademark holders and their interests, and domain owners and investors.

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