My Picks for Sedo’s .CO Auction


Below is the entire inventory of domain names in Sedo’s .CO auction, which will be held February 10th – 17th. As previously mentioned, bidders must pre-register in order to participate in this auction. I bolded my favorite names in this auction. What are your top picks?


  1. I won’t say the ones that are mine, since that would be self serving. is probably my favorite – it just looks right. Hybrid could potentially be a good one, and I’ll bet money that a German will end up with

  2. My picks

    My pans

    Only one – how’d this make the list?

    Better names are still available for hand registration.
    I picked up about a week ago.


  4. @David: LOL @ I hadn’t spotted that one. Dubious is right. And lipliner? That’s a $5 product at most, and nobody shops for lipliners alone online.

  5. I thought there were supposed to be some Spanish names as well. I was kinda lookin forward to that.


    The reserve for is only between $1-500.

  6. Hi Elliot and guys,

    Maybe you can help me. I have the following domains names and SEDO as you see has rejected them. Whilst unsure about the rest I have had descent offers for, and offers but people interested) off several private buyers actually ringing and was advised by friend to keep hold of them until this year.

    Looking at the list I cannot see mine being any worse then some already accepted not saying any are bad. Can you see why any of the below are rejected particularly

    I am now considering moving from SEDO and was wondering can you recommend another reseller

    – (Quality requirements not met)
    – (Quality requirements not met)
    – (Quality requirements not met)
    – (Quality requirements not met)
    – (Quality requirements not met)

    Kind regards JC

  7. Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for the response much appreciated. The domain I’ve been offered a descent amount from several people that and’t put that one up as the company I used to work for wants to buy it). The searches for buys is double of a lot of the domain names on this auction and whilst I know that isn’t the only element Google is king for searches.

    I can’t see why buys domain particularly isn’t as good as at least half on SEDO .co auction.

    Kind regards

  8. this is my top 10. imo these are nice generic words that would sound very well with the word “company” attached if we read the “.co” as such.

  9. @ cm

    Thanks cm, I just got a rejection email from sedo.

    I guess motoryachts don’t count as a Product-related item with a high commercial value…but ChewingGums do 😉

  10. I’m surprised that got accepted, considering my domain got refused. I would have considered them about the same price.

  11. Iv’e just submitted these to the Sedo .CO auction, what are the chances of them being accepted? Any ideas?

    Thanks all

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