Pre-Register for Sedo’s Premium .CO Auction

I think Go Daddy’s Super Bowl commercial is going to be big for .CO domain names. It’s still speculation at this point, but I imagine it will inform a massive amount of American consumers about what .CO is, and it could help increase the value of .CO domain names.

In addition, the .CO Registry has begun a major campaign for .CO on a wide variety of websites. In addition to a continuing Adwords campaign, consumers will see .CO banners on many websites, including this one. All of this should be good for domain investors who own .CO domain investments.

I just learned that  Sedo will be having its first official auction for .CO premium generic/descriptive domains coming up February 10th – 17th, following the much Go Daddy .CO Super Bowl commercial. There are some of the best available .CO domain names for sale in this auction. All  prospective bidders much pre-register for the auction online at Sedo in order to be eligible to bid.

Some of the .CO domain names that will be up for auction include:

  • LasVegas.CO
  • Antiques.CO
  • Luggage.CO
  • Finance.CO
  • Pizza.CO
  • Shoes.CO
  • Pawn.CO
  • Plants.CO
  • Recipes.CO
  • Gas.CO
  • Oil.CO
  • Shop.CO
  • Art.CO
  • Health.CO
  • Money.CO
  • …. Many other top names

You can see the full list of domain names for sale by visiting the Sedo live auction website. In my opinion, this is a huge auction and the results will be  indicative  of the state of the .CO aftermarket.

Don’t forget – you need to preregister to bid.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I don’t think it’s speculation anymore, I’m sure the .CO namespace will benefit hugely from GoDaddy’s commercial.

    As a side note, most of the above .CO domains belong to Mike Mann’s superpremium portfolio.

  2. Hi,

    I agree with Joe. It’s really not speculation anymore. It’s more a case of “how popular”? However, I disagree with you that this auction will be a primary indicator of .co’s aftermarket. I think everyday sales are more indicative. Even if the .co auction is a grand success, I still think the day-to-day is more telling.

  3. I checked today and forwards to … so I’m not sure if that is a good thing for .co

    Who knows what the ad will contain or if GD will remove the forward, but doing a forward with it to a .com will not likely help it all that much.

  4. With all this .co hype, we’re looking at a few other ccTLD’s that have been left in the dust, so to speak. You never know, .vc, .sc, etc. may be the “next .co” two or three years from now.

    We picked these up this week:


    Paid $39 for each of them – estibot values Sportsbook.VC at $1,800 – that was a nice pick-up 🙂

    Boston.VC & Dallas.VC are un-reg’d for those of you who may be interested…

    – TBC

  5. @ Cheese

    None of those extensions are recognized by Google as international, so unless you plan to rank for terms in Google in those native countries, they’re worthless.

    So basically, unless you plan to build a site for people in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, it makes no sense.

    .CO is considered international by Google, and would rank similar to other extensions.

  6. @ Kevin

    Have you ever sold a name at a profit where you thought the buyer was over paying? I have and I am sure you have, but the buyer probably was happy.

    Weren’t 3 letter .com names selling for under $2k just a few years back? Wouldn’t you love to have invested $50k in names back then and sold them a couple years ago?

    You (and I) would love to be able to see the future. No investment is a “sure thing.”

    Are people who are buying shares of Facebook in private at a $70B valuation overpaying? Did the people who bought at a $50B valuation overpay? How about those that bought at $1B or $10B?

    People invest for a lot of reasons, and they invest to make money. .CO, .TV. .COM and everything else is speculation. People speculate the value will increase with every domain investment. .CO is another investment vehicle for domain investors.

  7. The thing with prudent investments is:

    you have to be ahead of the curve.

    I took a lot of crap from people here 6 months ago when I was saying .CO was the new Prince to be the next King and .COM was the old and going out.

    Now the same people are hoping to be like .CO follow in .CO footsteps.

  8. .CO is already better than .NET or .ORG in every respect, in marketability, in quickness, popularity, the In domain extension today.

    All .CO domain names should therefore command a price greater than either of those extension immediately now.

  9. I understand where “The Big Cheese” is coming from. He’s making a valid point- At the end of the day speculating is what it is. But I think what Elliot was saying is there’s a competitive advantage when you’re investing aka speculating on the .Co because you have three major powerhouses supporting the cause- Google (traffic), Go Daddy (domain registrar) & the brilliant team at the .CO internet S.A.S(registry).

    If you want to consider a high level approach I’d place my chips on the .Co simply based off the executive staff– Juan Diego Calle and Lori Anne Wardi are both industry experts.

  10. I was looking at that video again and I just realized an amazing thing. Just look at this:

    Wow. I just had an epiphany.

    Kates Flowers Co.

    Wow. This is exactly why .CO is even better than .com

    Small and medium businesses make up over 90% of the economy in the US and .co only makes perfect sense for the sweet spot of the US economy.

  11. .co has a long way to go. It’s not better than .net or .org. These tlds are recognized by public.

    Ex. I told my cousin about a .co site and he thought it was a typo.

  12. Everyone has an agenda when it comes to domains including “.co”. If Robert Cline loves “.co” he probably owns a few. If Elliot’s Blog likes “.co” he will probably buy “.co” names from BuyDomains and mark them up by $3K-$4K. I am waiting for the Visit******.co post 🙂 If GoDaddy advertises for “.co” well they are just looking to suck more money out of their customers. Sedo and Mann are just trying to capitalize on the hype.

    My point, all these opinions are biased and you can easily see the agenda. Invest with caution.

  13. 1. Anywhere from 150 to 160 million people are expected to watch this year’s Super Bowl. Over 50% of them tune in specifically to watch the commercials. That’s right, they are watching just to see your commercial.
    2. Because of its unique makeup, people’s recall rate of the commercials that appear on the Super Bowl is higher than that of any other televised event during the year. Many people watch the game in groups that average a total of 6 people. Part of the fun of watching the game is discussing each commercial amongst the group. This adds considerably to the consumer recall of each commercial. It may also be one of the key reasons the recall rate is so very high.

  14. godaddy knows he does not have chance to earn much money from com`s any more.
    So its obvious that he is looking for new ways to earn.
    I am sure for him development of this extension is important.

    Look who/what is involved. Look at team

    godaddy – the biggest registarts in the world
    sedo – the biggest auction in the world
    superbowl – most watched event

  15. .co is overhyped, like .ws, .mobi, .tel, .travel… were. Doomed extension from the beginning, the same shit happens again and again, funny to follow this year after year. However I have to say its well marketed, congrats to the promoters 🙂

  16. @Jamie

    I could be wrong, but I think GoDaddy is waiting til the Superbowl to unveil in it’s own right with the GoDaddy girl. That’s why it’s resolving to at the moment. I think i read that in their press release.

  17. What do you think is .CO awareness right now is?

    How many people know about .CO would you say?

    1,000,000 people would you say knows about .CO today.

    How many people are going to know about .CO after supper bowl?

    100,000,000 people would you say ?

  18. Chuckles indeed.

    Fact is (sorry Robert), the opinions offered w/in our tiny, insular domain world via blogs, etc mean nothing to the coming exploding “domainer bubble” (since no one but us domainers even knows; much less cares; what the heck a ‘.co’ is) that is .co.


    What does matter is what the public at large knows and doesn’t know; and what they do and don’t do; about .co.

    Every domainer could be shouting “.co is hot!” … while the .co folks pour many millions of dollars into .co advertising (which they don’t have and likely wouldn’t waste if they did).

    Billions are spent each and every year in advertising which includes the subject companies’ .com address.

    That’s “Billions” with a “B.”

    That’s 1,000’s of times what is or will ever be spent on advertising which includes .co addresses.


    Fact is, most of those who will see GoDaddy’s .co ad (including the millions of drunk viewers) are going to be scratching their collective millions of heads as they all make this telling statement:

    “Oh look! They left off the “m!”

    Class dismissed.

  19. “1,000,000 people would you say knows about .CO today.”

    Hah. Funny. Knock a couple zeros off that number.

    No need for me to pre-register.

    99% of .co buyers in this auction will loose money. Of course every buyer will say “not me”.

    Good luck.

  20. I think the Godaddy Superbowl ad supposedly quadrupled registrations with Godaddy

    so will .CO quadruple number of registrations after the Superbowl as well?

    @Steve M

    You must be an idiot to think that someone is going to spend $3,000,000 and not make it clear what they are advertising.

    dumb dumb

  21. @ Rob

    I don’t think anyone can say anything with certainty since its unknown right now. What happens when gTLDs become prominent and consumers recognize non .com more regularly. I really don’t think anyone can predict consumer behavior in the future with certainty right now. If you or I could, we’d be very, very wealthy and certainly not on domain blogs. 🙂

  22. “.CO is considered international by Google, and would rank similar to other extensions.”

    Are there any examples of this in the SERPs? If the above statement is true, I imagine there should be a few .co sites out there with enough content, age and links to rank reasonably well by now.

  23. @JJ

    I’ve been studying this extension with my blog at Nima.Co. My domain is not keyword specific (no added seo benefit) and the extension is not aged (something I did on purpose). I’m seeing decent results in the serps. I’m on the 3rd page of Google for the term: “domain investing” and “domain name investing”. I’m also ranking for a couple other keyword specific terms that generate between 700-900 visitors a month.

    I think within the next 3-6 months I’ll be right around the 1st page of the serps for the terms above. I haven’t started an aggressive back link campaign yet. In my humble opinion .Co’s are ranking really well considering how new they are to the market.

  24. @JJ

    There are lots of examples. Just to stay in the namespace, is a very large established hardware chain with 180 stores in Eastern Canada. Try to search for ‘BMR’ on Google and you’ll see that is not only in the first page but also occupies a position higher than the .com, .net and .org

    Another example is Charlotte Church’s website. Try to search for this name and you’ll find that the .com isn’t even on first page, unlike the .co

  25. I think the effect will be unimpressive tbh – .co will continue to grow of course but I really dont see any explosions.
    Most people who see the commercial will be concentrating more on the hot chick’s assets than the ‘domains with the m missing’ . imo The few that can manage to drag their sorry eyes away will just be like ‘oo they missed off the m , hey get me another beer Hank oy dude you missed the hot racing chick too bad’.

    I’m not in USA currently so I’ll have to have a spy check it out for me – but Id wager that at least one of the commercials following or preceeding the GD slot advertises a company WITH .COM WEBSITES. If I was Bob Parsons Id be going for a half length advert and paying off the companies either side of my slot to promote their .co’s – hey Bob you saw it here first, can I have a ride on your helicopter lol?

    I also know if something is talked up enough that it will rise, making it a very sound investment, in the short run.
    Good luck with your .co’s I hope everyone makes a killing 🙂

  26. Well……….if .co is going to become so popular, why is Mike Mann selling off (some say “dumping”) such a “valuable” portfolio? Why isn’t he developing them? This is a man who knows a lot about domaining and the internet so it makes you wonder if he is seeing another .mobi in the next couple of years.

    Food for thought.

  27. @Alan

    I can’t answer why Mike Mann is selling his .Co portfolio…

    My guess is that it’s more lucrative to get in and cash out. No time or resources invested, minimizes risk and he’s profiting with little to no effort. Kudos to him for having the foresight and investing his capital.

    I don’t think .mobi is a fair comparison. Cell phone technology advanced quicker than most anticipated…

  28. @Linda

    Oh I missed what I really wanted to say to you and that is
    I think you missed the most important thing which is to develop a great website and have many visitors like goog and fb. Be the next youtube, etc.

  29. If you come across a person who says:
    ” .co ….hummm…the gurus should have used that
    instead of .com from the beginning”
    You have found a smart thinker and a buyer.

  30. .co is Columbia last time I checked and these names are English. Typo traffic whatever you want to call it. Or better yet let’s call .co company. Its as bad as the hype around google tv for the .tv investors.

    All this hype around .co is amazing and people call .tv hype. Well a couple pro .tv folks are making .tv owners all look like jack asses actually as well as .co

    The only ones laughing ones to the bank are mann, .co founders and domain bloggers who are getting advertising dollars in x, xxx per month I’m sure. Yes you will see some sales. You will see some sales in .me.

    How much has .co gone down since traffic conference ? 50 percent across the .co? 30 percent ?

    I am actually considering an investment in .co but I know it will be in spanish and not English. Or better yet the brandable people will say go English .co for company.

    • @ .CO hype

      Do you own a # of .TV investments and comment on blogs about how good .TV is/will be? 😉


      I like the fact that many other countries already use .CO.whatever because .CO makes sense. I’ve said that from the beginning and I continue to think that way. I do think that more .CO domain names in the hands of domain investors will stymie the growth of consumer adoption, and this is a reason I personally think it’s a good thing Mike Mann is selling some of his. I also would imagine anyone who has significant resources tied up in an investment would look to cash out along the way.

      Again, I have just a few .CO names and .CO Registry is an advertiser with a contract that does not include anything about my posting articles. I believe in the merits of .CO, and I think it has a greater chance for success than many others. In 5 years from now when people are use to typing in,…etc, .CO will be another extension that makes sense for companies.

      As for search, you can look up Angel list in Google to find a list of angel investors.

  31. people are either born followers or born leaders.

    Who the f*** is Mikey Manny, is that Manny Pacquio

    The last time I checked Manny wasn’t even in the Fortune top 500.

    If you want to do the following game, follow that 17 year Mark Zucerkberg and buy for $8,500,000 dollars which reminds me there are only very few left by the way.

    There are always going to be sellers and buyers, but there are going to be a lot more buyers. Trust me.


    stop looking in Manny’s rear end.
    If you have even a pea size brain, you would know how to do your own bit of critical thinking and not expect to be spoon fed by Manny.

  32. El,

    Yes I speculate continuously like everyone else in this business. Some speculations work and some don’t. Speculating is the best way to make great successes, but it has to be controlled and well thought out acquistion strategies.

    I’m just saying we see a lot of hype in the industry when a new TLD pops out and many speculate and get caught up in the hoopla who shouldn’t be speculating. And a few ultra sharp speculators inevitably profit at the expense of the majority who don’t.

    So speculation is a good thing. But you have to really know and understand all the risks involved and moderate yourself.

  33. @Cline – “.CO is already better than .NET or .ORG in every respect”

    And the rickshaw is preferable to the automobile for long hikes up the side of a mountain.

    “This is exactly why .CO is even better than .com”

    Irrational Exuberance.

  34. @Robert – you are wrong, I sincerely hope everyone makes good on their .co’s. Appreciation in value of ANY tld is good for me, since it serves to push up the whole market and raise awareness. I have no problem wishing other people well, whether it benefits me or not.

    I dont think the .co hype can be fully compared with .tv – since that has clear keyword relevance to a whole technology and media sector. How many people will google ‘NameOfCompany CO’ – some maybe. Thats the only time .co is worthwhile imo. In the interests of brevity most people will google ‘nameofcompany’ and if the .com owner is in the fray with any effort s/he will win.
    .tv is different in that ‘tv’ forms part of lots of good keywords – people actually search for ‘keyword tv’ so it has way more utility imo .

    .co isnt the new .com – it never will be. As someone else already pointed out – $billions are spent on promoting .com’s. globally. This will continue unchecked, while all others take 2nd 3rd and 4th fiddle. And true there will be some new entrants like .tv and .co. But since .co is SO similar to .com it will always be a little brother rather than its own brand. For example here in UK – everyone Ive mentioned .co to go oo you mean (the main uk extension). So here we have americans thinking they missed off the m, brits thinking they missed off the .uk – no doubt the australians will be similarly confused. The Canadians will go oo, they put o instead of a, and the Chinese, if they care, will always be directed to their .cn . Thats a good chunk of your internet citizenry already on another page.

    If there really has to be one, I see a .co bubble pushing their equivalent .com values up to much greater effect than any other cctld so yeah great, I *sincerely* hope you all make an absolute killing on your .co’s!

  35. @Alan,

    stop looking in Manny’s rear end.
    If you have even a pea size brain, you would know how to do your own bit of critical thinking and not expect to be spoon fed by Manny.

    Mr Cline:

    Lets keep it professional please.
    Thank you

  36. I have two names in the auction:

    And just received private offers on and Girokonto (German for checking account) this week. As far as Mike Mann selling his .CO names, well, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of all of the hype? Sedo timed this auction perfectly, and although there’s something to be said for holding onto names for a while, it’s also good to strike while the iron is hot.

    I agree with one of the previous posters who said Spanish .COs have great potential (should the extension really take off in that market, a few years down the road). But this is not the right auction, or the right time, to be selling those.

  37. As far as Mike Mann selling his .CO names, that’s really nothing surprising since he has countless domains for sale (including lots of superpremium .com’s like and – you can check out his portfolio at He is simply doing what anyone in domaining does: selling domains.

  38. @Elliot,

    If you’ll remember, I posted our .VC domain purchases here yesterday as a long-term, lottery-ticket type investment:


    Anyway, you said .VC would not rank at all in Google. I didn’t argue, but have since done some research and have spoken to two SEO experts. Bottom line, they will rank if link-building work is done. The SEO guys I spoke with said these four domains, with two years of solid SEO work, could someday be worth $100K-$300K each…at a MINIMUM. They offered to buy these from us for a few grand last night, but we passed.

    Go to Google and Bing: Type in DN.VC & News.VC – then come back and tell me you were wrong 😉

    – TBC

  39. @ Cheese

    Talk is cheap, and if they’re so confident, they should be willing to pay you bank for that opportunity.

    I bet I can find some “domain guys” who will tell me that my portfolio is worth tens of millions of dollars.

  40. @Elliot,

    You said .VC wouldn’t even be indexed in Google in the U.S.

    News.VC and DN.VC both show up on Google…it’s just a matter of investing in the site (link building & advertising) at that point. I’m not saying these are as good as the .com’s (obviously), but I have a feeling they’re worth a whole lot more than you realize.

    – TBC

  41. @ Cheese

    I said “None of those extensions are recognized by Google as international.”

    This is accurate.

    Just like will be in Google throughout the world, other big sites would be similar. So, if you want to spend the time, effort, and money building them out to get the SEO value, have at it.

    Boston.VC and a ton of other keywords because since the extension was made available, nobody thought they were valuable enough to purchase.

  42. If I were going to register a .vc name (I’m not), I would think along these lines: (available) (available) (available)

  43. The .co is a scam of an extension. It is total nonsense and there are very few human beings in the world outside of domainers who have ever heard of it.

    This is the type of stuff that gives domainers a bad name, and I am ashemed to be associated with any of your losers who are experienced in domains, yet tout this crap year after year as you try to make a living off of newbies.

    Nobody who is serious about ethics and honest domaining would ever get involved in this fraud of an extension. It is the same story that happened with ,mobi and .eu.

    My opinion of those who dabble in .co cannot be any lower than is already is, but if you guys continue with your totally idiotic rationalization of .co then I guess I will have to revise my opinion even lower…….right down there with common criminals.

  44. “It is total nonsense and there are very few human beings in the world outside of domainers who have ever heard of it.”

    @ Terrible

    LOL… Who ever heard of .tv or anything else immediately after introduction? It takes time… and as I’ve said before, I think this will be a commonly used extension in time.

  45. @Terrible Ext,

    We thought that too for a while; however, type in “siouxland homes for sale by owner” into Bing.

    We’re on the first page, sixth listing down and our site isn’t up yet – the domain is only two weeks old.

    .co is ok 😉

    – TBC

  46. @ Cheese – um with respect, approximately NOONE searches for “siouxland homes for sale by owner” – furthermore it is of worthless cpc value so ranking for it is as valuable as ranking for “gfjegwuydfgewiyg”. close enough to zero as to be virtually ZERO. When you quote one of your off the wall tld ventures ranking with an exact search volume that is monetizable, say 1000+ then maybe people who know whats what might take you seriously. maybe. Right now your kinda proving your detractors right lol

  47. May I throw a monkey by referencing a bit of recent news which seems to have escaped the community at large? ICANN created new country-code extensions with the breakup of the Netherlands Antilles, including – you’re going to have to sit dow for this! SX. Good one. The new owners of will be thrilled, as will the promoters of dot xxx extension, who have paid and paid and paid to get passed as a tld extension. @ TBC, please restrain yourself! Sint Maarten (Dutch part) is in for a windfall! Am I mistaken? Is there another two-letter ccTLD besides .tv and .co which will might generate more registrations? Wonder what Mike Mann’s portfolio is going to look like after dot sx becomes reality! 😉

  48. Brilliant “stop looking in Manny’s rear end. If you have even a pea size brain, you would know how to do your own bit of critical thinking and not expect to be spoon fed…”

    And I especially like my new name.

    Speaking of hype, yes sherlock, its in the book:

    As far as .Co goes, its the second best because it is so easy and meaningful the world over and closely associated with .Com with which the world is familiar. Many other extensions have no flow and no purpose, and none will ever compete with .Com. Redirecting them to .com as GoDad does is fine although they should be remarketers with a distinct .Co brand, or at least landing pages for indexing. Hope to see you all in Santa Monica.

  49. What’s going to make this Sedo .CO Auction most exciting is that it’s going to be heavily driven by end-user bidding. You have many firms out there where a $50K – $150K investment easily makes sense to beef up an offensive or defensive internet strategy at this stage in the game.

    Many of these premium .CO’s will also hold excellent branding potential. If you look at the data alone on the average selling price of a generic .CO vs. other extensions in the past, .CO is doing extremely well. There is a reason GoDaddy has taken such an interest in getting behind it.


  50. I’m pro-dot-co but its one ad. Yes its the super bowl, but its one ad. One ad can only move the needle so far. Combine it with a print campaign in Money magazine or other publication small business owners read and back it up with PR outside our little domainers world and it will have bang. I predict people will remember the Godaddy part as much as the extension.

    There is no Silver Bullet, only the consistent building of brand awareness for success. (backed by execution, which they have)

  51. How do I get into the .co Auction at Sedo as I have a few good one….like,,, all with 21,000 to 91,000 exact searches. Can some help. Man I wish they were .com’s


    • @ Chris

      I personally would keep it. My investment horizon on .CO is longterm. One thing I like so far is that there doesn’t appear to be a bubble forming (ie people paying ridiculous prices for .CO names for investment purposes). This may not be great for domain investors, but it is good for people who wish to buy them for business development.

  52. thanks for your prompt reply elliot!

    I have spent so much on .CO’s now that
    I feel forced to put something on Auction.

    I have applied for few of mine to SEDO
    Now after your advice, I should cancel some.

    CO is always so hard to resist need for possession.
    It’s like caffeine, every morning you crave it.

    • @ Chris

      You don’t necessarily need to cancel them, but I would imagine they won’t be approved by Sedo if they don’t meet the requirements for this specific auction.

      From my perspective, you should take a step back and analyze what you have before buying additional names.

  53. @ Elliot

    With,,, all with 21,000 to 91,000 exact searches each on Google. I think I will hold for a while to see what the market does…as what will all those names sell for on Sedo anyway? $300 -$400 each? Check the .co sales at Rick Latona’s from what I can see some pretty good names all selling for $300-$400 only! So I think the same will happen at Sedo!
    Down the road there will be some sad sellers, but a lot lot of happy buyers! is the one with over 91,000 exact searches on Google, with that said I wouldn’t be in a hurry to dump it for $300 as if it was a .com were would I be?. The reason at this point KNOW ONE has a magic wand to know what is going to happen with .co I say speculation…just hurry up and wait so I say HOLD.

    As I spent $120? Whats that dinner 2-3 times. Oh I did some research first and a lot of people said don’t buy more than five .co’s and make sure they have at least 20,000 or more exact searches so I thought that was pretty solid advice and I followed it to the word. It took all day to find those .co’s that may turn into gems? May!!!

    What do think Elliot…hold?


    Have a great week friends.


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