Domain Sales Acquired by Brent Oxley for $1m


Last week, I reported that was sold via Sedo for $1 million, in a deal brokered by Dave Evanson. It stands as the third largest public domain name sale of the year (to date). In this morning’s Registrant Alert email from DomainTools, it was revealed that Texas entrepreneur and domain investor Brent Oxley was the buyer of after it moved out of Sedo’s domain name transfer account.

“#MoscowMitch:” Cashing in on a Trend


I’ve never been a huge fan of buying trend domain names. More often than not, a trend peters out super fast or has some legs before being forgotten (see covfefe domain names, for example). One trend domain name apparently resulted in a $2,500 sale, as reported by the buyer:

Uniregistry Brokerage Persistence Paid Off


For those who don’t follow my Twitter account, I want to share how the persistence of Uniregistry brokers paid off and concluded with a domain name sale. The sale was small ($1,500), but it was an unexpected sale that I entirely attribute to the diligence of Uniregistry, particularly Chris Aguilar. The domain name I sold (which will not be shared) was one I consider inventory and nothing special to me.

Don’t Pitch Me a Domain Name via Snail Mail


I don’t check my corporate mailbox regularly because I don’t receive a lot of important physical mail. Just about everything I need comes to me via email. I visit my mailbox every once in a while so it isn’t overflowing to the point they have to package it up and ask me to wait in line to retrieve it.

On my last trip to the post office, I had a Priority Mail envelope waiting for me in the box. I opened the envelope and it had a letter from someone offering to sell me a domain name. The letter was pretty much a full page, and it had information about the domain name. The owner wanted nearly six figures for this domain name. To be frank, it is a domain name I would not even hand register, so I would never buy it nor could I recommend that someone else buy it. This is not the first time I have received a letter like this before. Sold via Media Options


Abdu Tarabichi emailed a few industry colleagues this morning to let us know he suspected that the domain name may have recently sold. Abdu, who runs a beauty/fashion brand with an account on, received an email letting him know the company moved its website to There is now a different logo on announcing that something will be coming soon.

How My 2017-2019 End User Sales Are Being Used


I don’t always look back at how my domain names are being used after I sell them. I think this is primarily due to the fact that once they are out of “sight,” they are then out of my mind. I am sometimes curious about how a domain name will be used when I agree to sell a domain name, but I usually lose track of the names unless they are turned into something big or are launched relatively quickly.

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