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Would You Sell a Domain Name to a Cause You Oppose?


Several months ago, I was negotiating with a web developer to sell a call to action domain name I bought at expiry auction. The domain name was generic in the sense that it could easily be used and branded by a variety of companies or groups. I wasn’t able to learn much about the prospective buyer who did not share a client list on his website, but I did notice the matching .org domain name was registered to a non-profit organization.

I did a bit of research about the organization, and I saw their mission was something I opposed. It’s not anything illicit or illegal, but it is something I would not support – and in fact, would likely support an opponent of that organization. Because of the generic nature of my domain name, though, I figured there was just as good of a chance that the web developer prospect was buying it on behalf of another entity. In addition, I realized that the prospect could just as easily buy the domain name anonymously via Afternic. Same goes for every name I have listed there.

Rick Schwartz Agrees to Sell for $850,000

Rick Schwartz has been tweeting about his negotiation to sell the domain name. The prospective buyer started with an offer of $70,000 in June of 2019, and the buyer incrementally improved the offer since then. This morning, Rick announced that is “now in Escrow for $850,000 AFTER commissions!!

Rick initially tweeted about the state of the negotiation to sell back in November of this year when the high offer was $280,000:

Blade Acquires


Blade is “global urban air mobility platform” that offers private jet flights and private helicopter service, primarily in the New York region. If you are looking to leave from Manhattan to spend the weekend in the Hamptons and you want the the most efficient way to travel, Blade is the way to go. Blade has seen considerable growth, and according to a news release on its website from earlier this week, Blade is preparing to be listed on the NASDAQ market. Sold by


The high value domain name has been sold by, a domain investment company that owns many exceptional domain names. According to Whois records, is now registered to DNStination Inc., the privacy proxy service operated by corporate brand protection service, MarkMonitor.

I reached out to representatives from, and the sale of the domain name was confirmed but the sale price will remain private. My guess is that this was a mid 7 figure sale, and it would likely be the largest domain name sale of 2020 if reported publicly. The company has a history of keeping its sale prices private.

Hand Off Your Lead to a Pro Broker


Rick Schwartz shared some sage advice today, and I think domain investors should consider taking it, especially when they may be their own worst enemy in a negotiation:

Why I Use “Make Offer” on Most of My Domain Names


Approximately 80% of my domain name portfolio is now parked for sale via landing pages. I’ve had success selling via DAN this year, and I have continued to move domain names to their landing pages throughout the year. I have played around with the sales options options, and I have settled on one – the older BIN price (with a 12 month payment plan option) + Make Offer option.

Many people are critical of a “Make Offer” field on domain name landing pages. If a domain name has a Make Offer field, people tend to utilize it rather than simply hitting the Buy Now button. I thought I would share my rationale for offering it on my domain names, despite the fact that it is likely leaving money on the table.

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