Domain Sales Acquired by Washington Football Team

The NFL football team formerly known as the Washington Redskins has acquired the domain name. is now forwarding to, and the NFL team’s Twitter profile now includes a link to Details about the domain name sale was reported by the former registrant, Cal Spears, CEO at Better Collective Tennessee.

According to a tweet from Spears, the NFL team privately acquired the domain name from him using a broker from GoDaddy. He had owned for 8 years:

Domain Name Sales Can Help and Can Hurt

There’s an active Twitter discussion going on regarding the reporting of domain name sales. I have made my feelings clear regarding the reporting of my own domain name sales. Beyond a couple sales I shared years ago, I do not share my sales, and I don’t really see that changing unless a buyer specifically requests this as a part of a deal.

Rick Schwartz mentioned that he is publishing an article about non-disclosure agreements, and I am looking forward to reading his thoughts:

Questions I Ask Myself When Considering an Offer

Knowing when to accept an offer and knowing when to pass is a critical component to investing in domain names. I want to do my best to maximize the revenue from a domain investment, but I do not want to regret passing on an offer.

Nikul Sanghvi shared two question he asks himself when considering whether or not to accept an offer. I always ask myself a version of question two, although I don’t really think about the first one much:

Follow the Data

One of the best ways to know what domain names to buy is to learn what domain names are selling and why they are selling. It is good to read the weekly DNJournal sales report to see the most valuable domain name sales, but buying domain names that are similar to what is selling at that end of the market is difficult, very expensive, and risky. Knowing what is selling in the middle of the market may be the best education for the majority of people who invest in domain names.

Yesterday, Ed Emery shared some background about one of his recent SquadHelp sales: and Sold by FMA via

Future Media Architects (FMA) owns a portfolio of exceptional domain name assets, including some two letter .com domain names. The company has long owned,, and In the last several years, the company has begun selling some of its domain names. More recently, FMA has been using the domain name brokerage to manage its portfolio.

Whois records show that and have recently been transferred to a China-based domain registrant. Although Whois records are redacted at GoDaddy, it would appear to be the same buyer for both of these domain names. Neither domain name currently resolves to an active website though. I believe the company has been asking $2.5 million USD for and $1.25 million for

Would Love Another Chance

I’ve been investing in domain names as a full time career since late 2007. I have bought my fair share of solid domain names, and I have also missed out on some good deals. Some seemed overpriced at the time, but looking back on things now, I wish I had pulled the trigger.

One strategy I try to employ is that I would rather pay a bit more than I think a domain name is worth wholesale rather than risk losing it to a colleague or competitor. If a domain name has such strong resale potential, the few hundred or few thousand dollars more it takes to buy it should not be an obstacle. In practice, it is very hard to do this without spending far too much money because it can be tough to determine where to draw the line.

Andy Booth started a Twitter thread asking people to list the one name that got away. Mine would probably be, which I previously wrote about Here’s Andy’s thread:

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