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No Outbound For Me Right Now


Targeted outbound marketing can be a good strategy for people to sell domain names. With economic uncertainty around the world and a great deal of attention being paid to family and the news, I have not really been doing outbound marketing to sell my domain names proactively. I do not anticipate doing any in the short term.

For many businesses, survival is the most important thing right now. Many businesses around the world are assessing their standing and doing what they can to batten down the hatches to weather this pandemic and economic downturn. This is probably more of a time for cash preservation than for spending money to buy domain names. Companies will still buy domain names, but it will likely be on an “as needed” basis.

Don’t Do Coronavirus Domain Outbound Marketing

Andrew Allemann wrote an article yesterday to speak out about taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak in order to profit from it. I understand that in dire straights people might do things they would not ordinarily do to feed themselves and their family, but I echo what he said and would strongly urge people to not buy coronavirus related domain names, especially if they intend to do outbound marketing to sell them.

Case in point, PRWeek published an article that discussed one such outbound marketing effort made to try and sell coronavirus related domain names to Carnival Cruise Lines and its Chief Communications Officer, Chris Chiames. Not only was Mr. Chiames upset by this outbound marketing effort, he posted the exchange on LinkedIn for all to see. Here’s an excerpt from the PRWeek article: Was Sold for $180,000


This past Friday afternoon, TechCrunch tweeted a link to an article about a company called Handle, an invoicing startup company for the construction industry. According to the article, Handle “raised $4.5 million in known venture capital funding and $20 million in debt financing“:

UnoEuro Announces Rebrand to

Michael Bilde from Embrand shared a blog post with me from a hosting company based in Denmark called UnoEuro. In the March 9th blog post (written in Danish), the company announced that it was rebranding as In fact, if you type in, you will be redirected to The move was designed to make it easier for customers to remember and type-in the company’s brand name.

Here’s a translated excerpt from the blog post covering the reason for rebranding UnoEuro to, courtesy of Google Translate:

Video: Amanda Waltz Discusses Domain Acquisitions

Over the last several years, I have noticed several high profile domain name acquisitions and was able to learn with a level of confidence that Amanda Waltz was the buyer’s domain broker. It usually happens when I detect a domain name has changed hands and track it back to a person or entity I know has done business with Amanda in the past. Much more often than not, Amanda wouldn’t confirm her involvement or share any details, but my intuition says she has been involved in many large domain name acquisitions.

Amanda and Jeffrey Gabriel recently founded and launched, a domain name brokerage that works on behalf of domain name buyers and sellers. For instance, is now brokering domain names on behalf of Future Media Architects.

Earlier this morning, shared a video of Amanda discussing domain name acquisitions. It’s worth a watch to understand why companies utilize a domain broker to acquire a domain name and how domain name buyer brokers work on behalf of clients to acquire domain names:

Benefytt Technologies Inc. Talks About


Over the weekend, George Kirikos tweeted about a major domain name acquisition that was reported in a SEC filing. Benefytt Technologies Inc., a company that until March 6, 2020 was called Health Insurance Innovations, reported a domain name acquisition in the amount of $8,133,000 in 2019. Unfortunately, the domain name that was reportedly acquired was not specifically identified by the company.

George tweeted about the domain name acquisition report and his belief that the domain name that was acquired was

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