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Moving Big Batch Back to Dan


I’ve been sharing some of the testing I have been doing with my inventory domain names. After moving just about all inventory-quality domain names to landing pages, I am tweaking my strategy a bit by moving many back to BIN landing pages.

Within the last few days, I moved nearly everything priced at $2,000 or below back to landing pages. These domain name aren’t worth having on because they wouldn’t be ones I want to negotiate on pricing. Moving < $2,000 domain names to BIN landing pages allows people to make an impulse purchase without having to email me to discuss pricing. Reportedly Sold for 6 Figures via Afternic

A domain investor shared that he sold the domain name for $109,888 via Afternic. He shared the sale email he received from Afternic in a Twitter post, and Afternic congratulated the seller:

My Favorite Kind of Sale

Every morning, regardless of where I am or what I have planned for the day, I spend an hour or so looking through lists of expired domain names that are either scheduled to be auctioned or pending delete. I use several different tools to analyze names, including,, and personally curated lists using auction platform-provided search tools.

From these lists and tools, I hone in on a small group of domain names I want to buy. Some already have many bids and others have not received any bids that I can see. Using DropCatch and NameJet for pending delete domain names, I place backorders based on my risk tolerance. If I really want a particular name, I place a $79 bid at NameJet and a $59 bid on DropCatch and let them fight it out. For names I am less certain about, I use the Discount Club at DropCatch. Sold by


Yesterday morning, I read an article that refuted reports that Zomato, an India-based food delivery service, would rebrand itself as Eternal. This article made me curious about the domain name that may have been necessary had the company opted for this rebrand. There is some circumstantial evidence that leads me to believe that the company may have acquired the domain name.

Whois records show is registered under Whois privacy at 101Domain. The domain name is also registered at 101Domain. The only registrant-related information shown on the Whois record is the registrant country is IN (India). A recent entry from the Whois History tool at DomainTools in February shows the registrant country for was also IN, before the domain name changed to Whois privacy. Both and use AWS nameservers.

Medal CEO Comments on Acquisition

Shortly after publishing my article about the auction on that ended at $185,728, I saw that my Twitter account had a new follower: Pim de Witte, CEO of Medal. Medal is a platform that allows gamers to record, edit, and share gaming clips and videos. The company uses the domain name for its website. I immediately thought the company was the likely buyer of the domain name.

I reached out to Pim to ask if his company acquired at auction, and he confirmed that his company was the winning bidder in the auction.

I asked Pim if he could comment about the acquisition, and here’s what he told me: Sells for Nearly $200k at Auction

Blue chip domain names like don’t hit the auction block very often. As I shared on Twitter last weekend, a company called Ciox Health acquired Medal, Inc., which owned the domain name. For an unknown reason, the domain name expired. Likely because the name was registered at Gandi, it was deleted rather than auctioned by a partner auction platform.

The beneficiary of this deleted domain name was, which caught the domain name after it fully deleted. Following a heated auction, the domain name sold today for $185,728. Michael Law shared a screenshot of the final auction result:

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