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James Booth Reports $150k .IO Sale


James Booth reported a $150,000 .IO domain name sale on Twitter this morning. James reportedly sold for $150,000 via Squadhelp. He shared that the domain name was owned with his brother, Andy Booth: $383.3m in Sales in 2023


As the year ended, shared its 2023 Domain Trends report. The report left me with a few questions primarily related to total sales volume compared to the prior year. Now that 2023 has been finalized, my question was answered. Here’s a look at a comparison between 2023 sales volume on vs. 2022 sales volume on

Video: Efty to Launch Efty Pay

Efty has become known as a platform that enables customers to utilize customize domain name landing pages to sell domain names and track their leads. Efty customers would then choose a third party payment and transaction platform – like or – to close their deals.

This afternoon, Efty announced Efty Pay, a “frictionless domain name transfer engine” that will enable customers to transact within the Efty ecosystem. The benefit to customers is the ability to transact directly within Efty’s platform at an equal or lower commission rate to third parties. The company is expecting to launch this offering soon, but a firm date hasn’t been announced yet.

Plunge Upgrades to for $250,000


In April of this year, David Clements, CEO of Brannans, congratulated the founders of a company called Cold Plunge on its acquisition of The company had been using for its website, and acquiring was a great domain name upgrade:

When the domain name upgrade was announced, the acquisition price of had not been revealed. Thanks to a podcast called My First Million (and thanks to Braden Pollock for bringing this to my attention), we now know the cost to buy was $250,000. The company reportedly acquired the domain name from a jazz band in New Orleans. Reportedly Sold for $110k


This morning on X, Andy Booth reported the sale of for $110,000. He reportedly acquired the domain name for less than $10,000 a few months ago. It appears the domain name was sold via the Squadhelp platform:

The Whois information for does not show a registrant name. In addition, the domain name still resolves to a Squadhelp landing page. As a result, at the time of publication, the buyer is not yet known.

Highlights from Q3 2023 Domain Investment Index

This morning, released its quarterly Domain Investment Index for the Third Quarter of 2023. This report offers a broad overview of the domain name aftermarket with data from transactions closed via The entire (free) report can be accessed via this Google Drive link shared with me by

A few of the datapoints highlighted in the report that I found interesting were:

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