Domain Sales Sold via DAN


One of the most memorable lines in the movie Goodfellas is “Fuck you, pay me!” You can watch the scene below if you aren’t in a work environment or around children or others who might care about a little bit of cursing:

This morning on Twitter, Vito announced the sale of his four word domain name for $4,499. I recall seeing that domain name recently, and NameBio shows the domain name was acquired via GoDaddy this past December.

From the looks of the screenshots in the tweet, the deal was closed via Was Acquired for $503,000


At the end of last year, I reported the sale of The domain name was acquired by the aviation company that operates under the Blade branding. The domain name was sold by, a company that owns a portfolio of exceptional domain name assets. The timing for the acquisition made sense because the company is planning to go public via SPAC merger, according to an article on the NASDAQ website.

While the sale price of was not shared at the time the transaction was confirmed, a public SEC filing uncovered by George Kirikos has revealed the purchase price of $503,000. Here’s an excerpt from the Form S-4 filing with the SEC that reveals how much money was paid to acquire Acquired for $300,000


The domain name has been acquired for $300,000 according to an article on Coin Telegraph. The domain name forwarded to a landing page on the Media Options website, where it was listed for sale for several years. Badger DAO will be the end user of the domain name. Has Been Sold


Over the years, Rick Schwartz has written about his sale of many times on and Twitter. Rick famously sold the domain name to an up and coming candy company, and he retained an ownership stake in the business. From what I understand, the domain name was an important part of the company’s growth, but it has become less integral to its current success.

The company behind put the domain name on the market late last year, and was being brokered by Andrew Miller:

Seth Rogan Domain Acquisition: “We ripped those ‘****’ off!”

Seth Rogan was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night, and I thought the conversation about a recent domain name acquisition was funny. Seth Rogan is involved in a cannabis brand called Houseplant. The company owns the matching domain name.

During the segment last night, Kimmel asked Rogan about the domain name. In particular, he asked if the company had the domain name prior to the launch of the business. From a domain investor perspective, it’s pretty obvious a domain name like was registered long before the company was established. In fact, the domain name was created in June of 1997. Acquired by Namecheap for $150k

On Saturday morning, I noticed that changed hands. The domain name had been owned by New Ventures Services, Corp., and it transferred under privacy to Namecheap. The purchase price for was $150,000.

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