Domain Sales Acquisition Price Revealed


In a Domain Name Wire article, James Iles recently wrote about the launch of Ocho Wealth, which uses the valuable domain name. At the time of publication, the acquisition price of was not known. If I would have guessed the acquisition price, I surely would have been in the six figures. is a Spanish one word .com domain name, is easy to spell, and it is short. It has all the hallmarks of a valuable domain name.

‘I Expect the Price Will Increase Very Soon’

One of the neat sales tactics offered by Squadhelp is the price increase notification sellers can add to their landing page. Sellers who utilize this tool will show a message on their landing page that informs visitors the price will be increasing. This is a smart tactic from this innovative domain sales platform.

While I have not used Squadhelp, I agree that this can be a smart tactic. In fact, I manually use a similar tactic in my negotiations with prospective buyers. When discussing the price of a domain name, I will say something like this:

Using an AI Copywriting Tool for Outbound Sales


I occasionally send outbound emails to sell domain names. I combine a variety of Google search results with the lead generation tool at to create a small and highly targeted list of prospective buyers for each domain name I want to sell via outbound marketing. One thing that doesn’t change much is the content of the email.

Frankly speaking, I am not a data driven results person. I don’t do any testing of my outbound email efforts because I don’t and have never sent enough emails to allow me to get actionable results. I have also felt aligning a particular domain name with the right person at the right company is far more important than the email messaging.

That being said, I am a bit tired of sending a similar email for different domain names. In addition, rewriting my own email will likely produce a very similar sounding email, which sort of defeats the purpose.

This morning, Michael Cyger tweeted about an AI copywriting tool called CopyLime that may be able to help domain investors craft a better email than what they are currently using:

‘When Can You Close on the Deal?’


When a prospective buyer makes a serious offer to buy one of my domain names, I like to ask a question like this:

When could you close on the deal?
When could you pay for the domain name?

These similar questions can help me determine if it is a bonafide offer or someone who is just trying to get a price. There’s nothing really wrong with the later if it is a genuine buyer, but my pricing may be different depending on how the buyer answers the question.

Make Offer Leads to “Dilution of Domain Value”

For many of my domain names listed for sale, I have a “Make Offer” option next to the buy it now price. Domain name pricing isn’t science for me, and if I miss the mark by a considerable amount, a prospective buyer may simply choose an alternative domain name. I rely on domain name sales to fund the majority of my business, so I would prefer to give someone the option to make an offer rather than pass over an overpriced domain name.

Darpan Munjal, Founder of Squadhelp (a branding agency with a focus on domain names), shared an observation that domain investors may wish to consider when listing their domain names for sale:

Jen Sale on How to Sell Domain Names Wholesale


Domain investors who want liquidity may opt to try and sell domain names at wholesale pricing. Reducing the price of a good domain name below its retail market value should help induce a sale more quickly. Jen Sale, who is a top industry domain name broker at, shared some tips for selling domain names at wholesale prices.

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