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Postmark Secures Domain Name


Postmark, an email delivery provider founded in 2010, has been operating on the domain name. It looks like Postmark has secured its brand match domain name, according to a tweet from Jamie Zoch:

“Non-Profit” Domain Buyers


I don’t own many names that I think are good matches for non-profit organizations. I am sure I have a few names in my portfolio that non-profits want to own, but non-profits are definitely not a target market of mine. Like most other investors though, I receive quite a few inquiries from prospective buyers who declare that they are interested in buying my domain name for some sort of “non-profit” usage.

CashShield Acquires and Rebrands as SHIELD

Last year, a domain name listed in John Daly’s NameConnect newsletter caught my attention. was listed for sale with an asking price of $600,000. The domain name was beyond what I would spend for it as an investment, but I thought it would be a good deal for a prospective buyer. I am not sure if the domain name was sold by a broker or not, but it looks like a company that has raised $25.5 million in funding recently rebranded as

According to a press release from the company that was published in early December, CashShield has rebranded as Shield, and it is using the domain name. I learned about the rebrand via Mark Upgrade’s post on Twitter this morning:

What I Do With Newly Registered Domain Names


I had someone email me yesterday to ask if I might be interested in buying some newly registered domain names. In general, I am almost positively not going to buy someone else’s new hand registrations from them. I don’t register many domain names on my own these days, and it is not very likely that someone is going to be able to register domain names that I would buy. After a brief conversation, the person asked for some insight about selling these domain names. I was specifically asked about domain brokerage services, and I thought I would share some thoughts in a blog post.

Mercury Acquires Brand Match Domain Name


Mercury, a banking company “built for startups,” has operated on the Mercury.CO domain name since its inception. Earlier this week, Jamie Zoch reported that the brand match .com domain name,, had moved into’s escrow account and might have been sold:

The ROI # is not That Important to Me

I’ve been asked what ROI I expect to achieve with my domain investments. While I have heard (and probably said) a 10x ROI is a good goal to have, I really don’t really have a hard and fast rule that a 10x return on my domain name investments is critical. Perhaps a 10x return is a fair goal across a portfolio, but it is difficult for me to think like that when it comes to selling individual domain names.

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