Domain Sales

Racing to Avoid a Double Sale


When I have been doing outbound outreach to sell domain names, I have been including a link to a BIN landing page. My focus has been on less expensive domain names since they tend to sell more easily. With Dan landers, the buyer has two purchase options, including the ability to buy the domain name immediately or select a payment plan. It removes friction and facilitates a speedier sale.

When sending emails to a targeted group of prospective buyers, there are usually at least a few prospective buyers who would want to own the domain name. In my outbound email, I emphasize that the offer is time sensitive and available on a first come first serve basis. Not only does this serve the purpose of creating urgency, but it lets each buyer know this one of a kind asset is only available to the first person to agree to the deal. Once someone else buys it, they no longer can.

Raising the Price After Passing on an Offer


Earlier this week, I received an offer for one of my domain names via broker. The domain name was listed for sale with a BIN price, and the offer came in at a little more than 50% of the BIN price. Not only did I pass on the offer, but I opted to raise the BIN price.

When I buy an inventory-quality domain name and decide to list it for sale, I generally set a BIN price based on how I feel at that time. I don’t spend as much time as I should repricing this inventory. Once in a while, I may see a name or two and opt to reprice them, but in general, my pricing stays pretty consistent.

Axle Payments Rebrands as Denim with


Axle Payments, a company that has raised $165.2 million in funding according to Crunchbase, announced that it has rebranded itself as Denim. The company acquired the domain name in advance of the rebranding. The news was announced on LinkedIn by Co-Founder and CEO Bharath Krishnamoorthy. TechCrunch published an article about the company’s latest fundraising round and rebrand.

In early July, I noticed and shared on Twitter that the domain name appeared to have changed hands: Forwards to Twitter with Some Comps


If you visit, you will be forwarded to a Twitter account seemingly operated by the owner of the domain name. A few years ago, I wrote about all the interest the domain name receives on Twitter. People visit, land on its Twitter page, and inquire about whether the domain name is available to purchase.

Although doesn’t appear to be listed for sale or marketed for sale, it seems like the owner would consider selling the domain name for the right offer. What’s the right amount? I have no idea, but if the comparable sales shared on the domain name’s Twitter feed are any indication, it would take a seven or eight figure offer to close a deal.

Update Non-USD Pricing


The US Dollar has been very strong lately. $1 USD is nearly equal to €1 Euro, and the Euro has been falling for nearly two years, as you can see in the above graphic courtesy of Similarly, the GBP and other currencies have also been declining in value against the USD.

The stronger dollar is great if you are a US citizen traveling to Europe or buying products or services in Euros. This is not so great for domain investors who have priced their domain names for sale in Euros or GBP.

Moving Big Batch Back to Dan


I’ve been sharing some of the testing I have been doing with my inventory domain names. After moving just about all inventory-quality domain names to landing pages, I am tweaking my strategy a bit by moving many back to BIN landing pages.

Within the last few days, I moved nearly everything priced at $2,000 or below back to landing pages. These domain name aren’t worth having on because they wouldn’t be ones I want to negotiate on pricing. Moving < $2,000 domain names to BIN landing pages allows people to make an impulse purchase without having to email me to discuss pricing.

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