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DNForum Sends Out Password Reset


Earlier this morning, I unexpectedly received a password reset request at DNForum. I was previously an active user on DNForum, but I have not used the forum in quite some time. As a result, I was taken aback that a password reset email was sent to me. It looks like I was not alone in receiving the reset notification, as others have mentioned receiving the same password reset email. Exclusion List Now Includes Russia, Panama, and Alabama


An industry colleague let me know that recently updated its list of countries and regions that are not supported by the company. Previously, the list of unsupported countries included “Belarus, Cuba, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Moldova, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.” The updated list now includes the Russian Federation, Panama, Ukraine, and even the US state of Alabama, among quite a few other countries. This means users in those regions can not buy or sell domain names (or other things) via

DNAcademy Looking to Hire a Teaching Assistant


I want to share a domain industry job opportunity that might be of interest to a reader. DNAcademy, an online domain investment educational platform founded by Michael Cyger, is looking to hire a Teaching Assistant. The job opportunity was posted to DNAcademy’s website yesterday afternoon. Here are the primary responsibilities the person who is hired will have as the Teaching Assistant: to Acquire Dreamscape Networks


Last night, I received a press release from a PR firm announcing that reached a deal to acquire Dreamscape Networks, “the number one online solutions provider in Australia and Southeast Asia.” Dreamscape Networks is a publicly traded company on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange). is reportedly paying AUD $.27 cash per share of Dreamscape Networks to acquire the company. An Australian media outlet reported the total value of the deal at AUD $105 million, which is just north of $73 million USD. The acquisition is aimed at broadening’s global reach.

Verisign Job Opening: Platform Manager


Verisign posted a job opportunity via LinkedIn approximately three weeks ago, and it might be of interest to someone with domain industry experience. Verisign is looking to hire a Platform Manager to help manage the company’s domain name registry platforms. Verisign operates the .com, .net, .gov, and several other extension. The company will also operate the .Web registry.

Here’s an excerpt from the job listing describing what the Platform Manager job entails:

CentralNic to Acquire HEXONET for up to €10m


According to a press release I received this morning, CentralNic is set to acquire HEXONET for €10m (just over $11.3 million USD). The press release did not mention when the deal is set to close. CentralNic Group PLC stock trades on the London Stock Exchange under the CNIC ticker symbol, and the company has a market cap of just north of $111 million USD. HEXONET reportedlymanages over 3.8 million domain names,” and it seems to be steadily growing.

CentralNic shared the primary reason for this strategic acquisition in its press release, and it could have an impact on domain investors:

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