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Network Solutions Sends Security Alert Email

Last week, I wrote about a security incident at Network Solutions,, and that was announced by these registrars. All three of these domain registrars owned and operated by By chance, when I was logging in to my account, I discovered the security alert that appeared to be quietly published by the registrars. I had not received an email about the incident, nor did I see any mention of it on social media. At the time I published my article, I was told the registrars were in the process of notifying customers about the alert via email. Reports Security Incident at Its Registrars, Network Solutions, and report “a third-party gained unauthorized access to a limited number of our computer systems in late August 2019

I have a account because of my NameJet bidding account. When an expired domain name that is registered at is auctioned at NameJet and I win the auction, the domain name is provisioned to my account. Typically, I will quickly unlock the domain name and transfer it to my preferred registrar to consolidate my holdings.

This morning, I received a standard email from to let me know a domain name I won on NameJet was provisioned to my account. I logged into my account and was met with a password reset prompt. I changed my password and logged in to my account again, where I noticed a red security message on my account dashboard: “Important Security Information. Click Here to Learn More.”

Nominations Open for Refocused Lonnie Borck Memorial Award

The ICA established the Lonnie Borck Memorial Award to honor the memory of Lonnie Borck, a successful and well-liked domain investor who died unexpectedly in 2016. The Award has been annually given to an “individual for indelible contribution to domain investor rights.” This morning, the ICA announced the Award criteria and focus has changed a bit. Here’s what’s changing:

Efty’s Zapier Integration to Help Enterprise Users

Earlier this morning, Efty announced an integration with Zapier, “a tool that allows you to easily create integrations between apps in a matter of minutes, all without writing a single line of code.” This means Efty users can link their Efty domain name accounts with various third party CRM, email, and chat apps such as SalesForce, Hubspot, Slack, Gmail, Constant Contact, or any of Zapier’s 1,500 connected apps.

I exchanged emails this morning with Efty founder Doron Vermaat, and he explained that this integration will be particularly helpful to Efty’s enterprise users. Here’s how the company’s enterprise users, particularly domain name brokerage firms, will benefit from Efty’s integration with Zapier: Shares Some Sales & Traffic Stats

I missed this earlier this week, but founder Reza Sardeha shared some interesting cumulative stats that I found interesting. Reza’s posts were made deep within a long NamePros thread called “DAN.COM Domain Marketplace (Official Thread).” The statistics were brought to my attention this morning in a tweet from domain investor Nikul Sanghvi: Job Listing: Aftermarket Channel Manager posted a job opportunity that might be of interest to a job seeker from within the domain industry. is looking to hire an Aftermarket Channel Manager, and I presume the person will be focused on the company’s NameJet and SnapNames platforms. The job opening was posted yesterday afternoon on LinkedIn.

Here’s the job description:

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