What .WS Website Is This?


WS BillboardTony sent me a photo of this billboard he passed in Puerto Rico. As you can see, it seems to be advertising a website on a .WS domain name, but I can’t tell which website it is.

I looked at Wink.ws, Smile.ws, Laugh.ws, Love.ws, and a few others, and it doesn’t look to me like it is advertising any of those. I suppose I could be wrong though.

What .WS website do you think this billboard is advertising?

Update: Looks like this is a Coca-Cola advertising campaign. Apparently, there are a variety of Emoji characters involved, and they forward to Coca-Cola’s Puerto Rico website. AdWeek has more details about the Coke ad campaign.


  1. wink.ws uses a similar emoticon so most likely could be that.

    Other combinations like laugh.ws / love.ws O.ws or even 0.ws all redirect to website.ws

  2. We are all thinking the same as Elliot that the symbol is supposed to trigger a word in our mind. So if we see a picture of a dog with .ws we would think to visit dog.ws but this isn’t the case.

    Each individual emoticon is linked to a url and a phone that has the emoticon symbols can link directly to the website by just pressing the symbol plus adding .ws

    Could this be a glimpse into the future of the internet where instead of having to remember a domain name we could link our website to a symbol and instead of typing in a url we just press a picture of the symbol. Domain names would be eliminated and everything would be 100% visual based by symbols or pictures.

    • sure except you’d be limited to whatever symbols there are/you can make. imagine your phone with over 5000 emoticons and trying to find the right ones to use. sounds like a disaster.

    • I think it would be pretty easy to remember. If you can’t remember the symbol you can have a directory that links each symbol to a group of keywords and all you have to do is type in the keyword and all symbols linked to that keyword would pop up.

      For instance if your logo is a sun you can link words like sun, yellow, hot, bright etc…and all those linked would pop up. We are very visual based and remembering a symbol is much easier than remembering a name. We remember peoples faces 100% of the time but most of the time forget their name.

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