Will XR.com Sell for More Than SX.com?


A couple of weeks ago, SX.com sold on NameJet for $555,050. This afternoon, NameJet put out a press release to announce that another two letter .com domain name is hitting the auction block in less than two weeks.

XR.com is up for auction with a reserve price that is not yet known. The auction for XR.com will be a 3 day public auction that is set to begin on Sunday, August 2, and it will conclude on Wednesday, August 5 in the afternoon. At the time of publication, there are 76 bidders who have placed backorders for XR.com, and the high bid is $21,000. The reserve has not been met yet.

I am curious if you think the sale price of XR.com will surpass the $555,050 sale price of SX.com. Please vote in the poll below to cast your vote. You are also welcome to share your thoughts about this if you would like.


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