IJ.com Brokered by Domain Holdings


Another two letter .com domain names has changed hands. When I received my daily DomainTools monitor email yesterday morning, I saw that a Whois change had occurred on the IJ.com domain name. The new Whois registrant is listed as Media Group of America LLC, which is the parent company of the Independent Journal Review.

After searching my email records for IJ.com, I saw that it had been brokered by Domain Holdings. I reached out to the company to see if the company brokered the sale of IJ.com, and Hobi Michalec confirmed that he was the broker of record.

Commenting on the transaction, Hobi told me, I can say it was an asset we working for a while. We didn’t have any luck with it at the time. I took a hard stab at it and was able to bring a deal into fruition. The Buyer was the Independent Journal Review.”

As with many deals such as this, the sale price of IJ.com is private. The Domain Holdings brokerage emails that listed IJ.com for sale did not list a sale price, so I don’t even know the asking price range. There was a thread on DNForum from April of 2015 that had IJ.com listed for sale, although I am not sure if the poster there is affiliated with Domain Holdings.

As of now, IJ.com forwards to the Independent Journal Review website, which can be found at IJReview.com. Buying IJ.com is a smart move.

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  1. Each end-user sale in LL.com category makes this kind of asset more rare and more valuable. Congrats to buyer, seller and the broker.

    • Elliot, the biggest buyers are end-users behind NDAs, so you will never know how a real market looks like.

      Do you have any information in regards to WE.com recently brokered by Sedo? Since you have a great connections in Sedo, it would be nice to find out if the rumor of $10mm sale is a close guess.

    • If you’re talking about two letter domain names, I disagree. In the last few years I think I’ve seen more end user types of owners selling their LL.com names to investors than the other way around. It’s always surprising to hear about what must have been a large sale and seeing a “for sale” landing page go up after.

      I do think investors benefit from the liquid market, but I don’t agree that end users are driving the LL.com market.

      I haven’t heard about the We.com price.

    • Just got back from the beach… Here are 6 quick examples of domain names that were owned by companies (i.e. end user companies) that sold them to domain investors in the last 5 years. I am sure there are many more, but I am on vacation and this is sort of pointless:

      CH.com – 12/20/2011 owned by Direct Brands, Inc. and 12/21/2011 owned by domain investor (Oliver Hoger)
      SX.com – 4/14/2014 owned by SXC Health Solutions, Inc. and 6/22/2014 owned by domain investor (Elite Domains)
      MM.com – owned by Minnesota MicroNet and now not being used
      WW.com – owned by an end user and now owned by not being used
      WI.com – 10/2014 owned by Master Lock Company and now owned by Media Options
      EO.com – 2/2012 owned by Datran Media and now owned by a domain investment company

    • I haven’t checked, but I didn’t see that you said “in-use.” I really have no idea about that.

      You don’t see many end users selling any type of in-use domain names. The cost of changing (website, SEO, business cards, advertising…etc) would almost always be way more expensive than it is worth.

      As an aside, you own a LL.com, right?

  2. These LL’s are changing hands so frequently lately that I’m starting to think the market is going to tank soon and sellers are getting out while the getting is good.

    • @todd, end-user buyers are not going to sell their assets and wholesale buyers (investors) in LL.com market can afford to hold their investments for very long. Furthermore, I don’t think that LL.com names change hands frequently. There is a high demand for names in this particular category, so we saw many LL.com to sell recently, but each time it is a different name. It is very unlikely that LL.com market will go down anytime soon. IMO, it will double within 2-3 years, if not sooner.

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